Research Profile

Dr Athena Liu N. C. 廖雅慈

Dr. Liu specializes in Family Law and Medico-legal Issues. She is the author of Artificial Reproduction and Reproductive Rights (1991); Family Legal Practice Manual (1998), Family Law for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (1999). Her articles appear in the Journal of Family Law, Hong Kong Law Journal, Journal of Medical Ethics

Her current research includes advance directives in medical decision-making, consent to medical treatment by the mentally incapacitated adults and the law governing assisted human reproduction, embryo research, cloning, tissues banks, privacy and genetic information.

Dr. Liu served as a member of Hong Kong Family Law Reform working group on matrimonial proceedings, guardianship and custody of minors, family mediation and adoption. She also served as a member of the Hong Kong Nursing Council and the Hong Kong Law Reform Commission sub-committee on Guardianship and Custody. Currently, she is a member of the Hong Kong Council on Human Reproductive Technology and a number of medical related ethics committees.