Research Profile

Jessica Young 楊懿潔

Jessica Young, Associate Professor, joined the Faculty of Law in July 2001.  She specializes in commercial and banking law and professional legal education, and has published both locally and internationally on these subjects.  Her recent publications include:  A Letter-Writing Activity in Commercial Practice (2002);  Pre-Contractual Statements:  Misrepresentations or Collateral Contracts? (2003);  Charge Over Book Debts: Siebe Gorman Revisited (2004);  Spectrum Plus - A Critique (2004); Charge Over Book Debts – The Question of Control (2004); and Drafting in Unfamiliar Territories (2005).

Her current research focuses on security interests in personal property, drafting of commercial agreements, reform of environmental law, and regulation of non-profit organizations.  She is also one of the joint editors of the Law Lectures for Practitioners series and the Common Law Lectures series.

Ms Young is a member of the Hong Kong Law Reform Commission’s Sub-Committee on Privity of Contract.  She is also the Honorary Secretary and Executive Committee member of The Friends of Cambridge University in Hong Kong, and a member of the Selection Committee and the Meanstest Committee of the Prince Philip Scholarship for Cambridge University.