Research Profile

Professor Yu Guanghua 郁光華

Guanghua Yu’s scholarship has concentrated on Corporate Law, Contract Law, Constitutional Law, and Public Policy. His publications include many books, articles, and papers in diversified areas, published in China and abroad. His representative pieces include: “Path Dependence and Interconnected Institutions: Implications for Legal Transplantation” (2015) 30 Australian Journal of Corporate Law 177-203; “The Other Roles of Law: Signaling, Self-commitment and Coordination”, (2010) 12(1) Australian Journal of Asian Law 106-37; “The Role of Mortgages: A Case for Formal Law” (2009) 26 Journal of Contract Law 45-67; “Adaptive Efficiency and Financial Development in China: The Role of Contracts and Contractual Enforcement” (2008) 11 Journal of International Economic Law 459-94 (with Zhang Hao); “Against Legal Origin: Of Ownership Concentration and Disclosure” (2007) 7(2) The Journal of Corporate Law Studies 285-305 (with Shao Li); “Using Western Law to Improve China’s State-Owned Enterprises: of Takeovers and Securities Fraud” (2004) 39(2)  Valparaiso University Law Review 339-76, and “Towards an Institutional Competition Model of Comparative Corporate Governance Studies”, (2003) 6(1) Journal of Chinese and Comparative Law 31-58. Being the author or editor of many books, his most recent book is: The Roles of Law and Politics in China’s Development (New York, Heidelberg and Singapore: Springer, 2014).