Faculty Publications

Common Law Lecture Series

"Since its inauguration in 2005, the Common Law Lecture Series have become the most prestigious law lectures in Hong Kong. At these lectures, speakers of the highest distinction discuss legal subjects of contemporary relevance. They are invariably delivered to a packed house, with the legal community turning our in force. The Dean and the Faculty of Law of the University of Hong Kong are to be congratulated for organising the Common Law Lecture Series.

Our common law legal system must maintain its vitality to adapt to meet the needs and circumstances of our society in a fast changing world. For this purposes, a flourishing market place of ideas on legal issues is essential. We must be aware of developments in other common law jurisdictions. There must be informed and rigorous debate. We must constantly search for the appropriate solution for our own jurisdiction. These lectures makes an invaluable contribution to this process....

These lectures are most interesting and stimulating. They will make a most important contribution to the discussion of the topics in question. It is hoped that there will be more lectures in the Series which will continue to enrich the lively exchanges in the market place of ideas on legal issues."

by The Hon Chief Justice Mr Andrew Li

Common Law Lectures Series 2005

Sir Anthony Mason, The Role of the Common Law in Hong Kong

Mr Justice Riberio, Vexatious Litigants

Lord Millett, Property and Restitution: Drawing the Boundary

Lord Hoffmann, Compensation and the Distribution of Risk

Common Law Lectures Series 2007

Lord Scott of Foscote, Damages: The Purpose of Monetary Awards in Pricate and
Public Law

Professor Sir David Williams QC, The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom:
A Constitutional Prelude

Lord Woolf, "Contemporary REsponsibilities of a Common Law Judge"