Research Postgraduate Student Profile

  Name Prog. Primary Supervisor Co-Supervisor Field of Study/Thesis Title
ANANSARINGKARN Pattamon PhD (F/T)Marcelo ThompsonScott VeitchInformation Technology
ALIMANOV Zhanat PhD (F/T)Richard WuLegal Ethics
BAGULAYA Jose Duke Satorre PhD (F/T)Marco WanMichael NgStoryteller in Robes: the Nature of Historical Narrative in the Judicial Opinions of the Philippine Supreme Court
BARBERIS Janos Nathan Jules Edouardn PhD (F/T)Douglas ArnerInternational Financial Law - China's Digital Banks: Turning a National Financial Transition into the Modern Age
CHAO Junqing PhD (F/T)Douglas ArnerInternational Economic Law
CHEN Guanhong PhD (F/T)Michael NgAlbert ChenLegal History
CHEN Hui PhD(F/T)Zhao YunWTO and International Economic Law
CHU Shuyu PhD(F/T)Fu HualingPublic Law
DENG Zhaoxia PhD(F/T)Li YahongShahla AliInternational Economic Law and Intellectual Property Law
FENG Ye PhD(F/T)Scott VeitchLegal Theory
FENG Yingkun PhD(P/T)Katherine LynchAlternative Dispute Resolution
FERNANDES DE SOUSA FERREIRA Ilda Cristina PhD(P/T)Simon YoungInternational Law
FERREIRA MATIAS Celia Filipa PhD(F/T)Marcelo ThompsonScott VeitchLaw
GITTINGS Daniel John PhD(P/T)Simon YoungRichard CullenPublic Law: Executive-led Government, The Gap between Constitutional Design and Reality in Hong Kong
HOU Zhuqing PhD(F/T)Zhao YunSpace Law
HUANG Weijie PhD(F/T)Li YahongIntellectual Property and Information Technology
JIANG Zhihang Mphil(F/T)Douglas ArnerThe Constitutive Role of Financial Regulation and Financial Law in a Socio-Legal Perspective
JIAO Yujie PhD(F/T)Yu GuanghuaCivil and Commercial Law
LAM Wing Yan Adrienne PhD(F/T)Albert ChenComparative Chinese Law
LAW Sau Wai PhD(P/T)Katherine LynchArbitration in global private banking sector
LEE Sau Kong PhD(P/T)Felix ChanHumphrey KoChinese Legal History
LEE Chun Man John PhD(P/T)Richard WuManaging conflicts of interest: Challenges for an international law firm
LI Xi PhD(F/T)Fu HualingChinese Law and Human Rights Law
LI Xingfang MPhil(F/T)Qiao ShitongYu GuanghuaEconomic Analysis of Law; IT&IP Law
LIANG Jiaolong PhD(F/T)Say GooCorporate and Financial Law
LIN Lifei PhD(F/T)Zhao YunWTO and International Economic Law
LIN Yang PhD(F/T)Zhao YunInternet Law, Dispute Resolution and Legal Development
LIU Ziyu PhD(F/T)Zhao YunZhang XianchuComparative Chinese Law
LOJA Herbert Aclan PhD(F/T)Simon YoungPublic International Law
LOJA Severina Melissa Hubahib PhD(F/T)Simon YoungPublic international law
LUI Hoi Yan MPhil(P/T)Scott VeitchTort - Privacy Law
LUO Jiajun PhD (F/T)Fu HualingChinese Constitution Law; Chinese Public Law; Constitutionalism; Human Rights
MANUKYAN Garen PhD(F/T)Li YahongIntellectual Property Law
MBUGUA Wilson Karera PhD(F/T)Shahla AliInformation Technology And Intellectual Property Law
MYSAK Yuliia PhD(F/T)Alex SchwartzScott VeitchTransitional Justice
NAINANI Dhiraj Kumar Mohan PhD(F/T)Daniel MatthewsScott VeitchLaw and the Humanities, Jurisprudence, and Critical Legal Theory
NAIR Saroj Bejoy PhD(F/T)James FryNuclear Non-Proliferation, Disarmament and International Law
PEERS Alison Catherine Eilzabeth PhD(F/T)Simon YoungKaren LaidlerWomen and Trafficking
POLIZZOTTO Dean Andrew SJD(F/T)Douglas ArnerQ LiuThe Role of Securitization, Derivatives, and Bond Markets in the Future Development of East Asian Economics
PRINGLE Angela Alison PhD(P/T)Shahla AliEndocrine Disrupting Chemicals: Law, Regulations and Policy
RICHARDS Jane Alexandra PhD (F/T)Simon YoungKelley LoperHuman Rights Law
ROBIS Leah Angela Vitan PhD (F/T)Anselmo ReyesJohannes ChanJudicial Independence and Autonomy in Emerging Democracies: Perspectives from the Philippine and Sri Lankan Judiciaries
SELGA Eriks Kristians PhD (F/T)Douglas ArnerA Comparative Perspective on the use of Legal Convergence to Attract Venture Capital Investment and Secure Innovation
SERGEEV Artem PhD (F/T)Simon YoungInternational Law, Public International Law, Human Rights
SHARMA Anupama PhD (F/T)Simon YoungCriminal Law
SHEN Junzheng PhD (F/T)Maisie Ooi John Lowry Arbitration & Dispute Resolution
SMITH Ross Allen PhD(P/T)Say GooMichael NgPrivate Equity Law - The Challenge of New Legal Framework
TAN Jing PhD (F/T)Fu HualingInternational Law
TANG Yi MPhil (F/T)Gu WeixiaShahla AliArbitration & Dispute Resolution
TAUFIKA Umme PhD(F/T)Cora ChanShahla AliHuman Rights Law; Concentration will be given on Women Rights in the perspective of Bangladesh
TSUI Wai Hang SJD (P/T)Benny TaiOne Country, Two Systems: A New Instituationalism Approach
VAN ROMBURG Lucienne Jason PhD (F/T)Douglas ArnerLaw
WANG Wai Hong MPhil (P/T)Michael JacksonDigital Evidence, Cyber-crime and Legal Jurisdiction
WANG Wei PhD (F/T)Ryan WhalenLi YahongIntellectual Property and Information Technology, Law and Technology (ELSI)
WONG Kai Yeung SJD(P/T)Yap Pojen Cora ChanComparative human rights law
WONG Sau Wai Vega PhD (P/T)Katherine LynchShahla AliBuilding Management and Dispute Resolution
WOO Kam Wah Alex SJD(P/T)Douglas ArnerFinancial Law (Regulatory Challenges in Derivatives)
XIANG Fan PhD (F/T)Albert ChenPublic Law
XIAN Yifan PhD (P/T)Zhao YunOnline Dispute Resolution
XIAO Shiling PhD (F/T)Simon YoungHuman rights law, civil and criminal procedural law
XUE Renwei PhD(F/T)Yu GuanghuaCommercial, Corporate and Financial Law
YAN Yan PhD(F/T)Fu HualingFinancial Law (Regulatory Challenges in Derivatives)
YAN Yongliang PhD(F/T)Zhao YunSpace Law
YANG Shiyuan MPhil(F/T)Shahla AliEnergy & Environmental Law
YILMAZCAN Abdulkadir PhD(F/T)Kelvin KwokZhao YunInternational Trade Law
YIM Lok Lam MPhil(F/T)Alexander GreenScott VeitchImmigration Ethics
ZHANG Xiaoyue PhD(P/T)Amanda WhitfortSimon Young Wildlife Crime
ZHANG Shengyue PhD(F/T)Michael NgShahla AliLegal History, Law and History, Legal Theory
ZHANG Wenyu PhD(P/T)Gu WeixiaZhang XianchuCorporate Governance, Chinese Outbound Investment and Effective Governance
ZHONG Weian PhD(F/T)Peter ChauSimon YoungCriminal Law
ZOU Quan PhD (F/T)Fu HualingLabour Law and Comparative Chinese Law