Research Postgraduate Student Profile

NameProg.Primary SupervisorCo-SupervisorField of Study/Thesis Title
Mr. ALIMANOV Zhanat PhD (F/T) Dr. Richard Wu Legal Ethics
Mr. BAGULAYA Jose Duke Satorre PhD (F/T) Dr. Marco Wan Dr. Michael Ng Storyteller in Robes: the Nature of Historical Narrative in the Judicial Opinions of the Philippine Supreme Court
Mr. BARBERIS Janos Nathan Jules Edouardn PhD (F/T) Professor Douglas Arner International Financial Law - China's Digital Banks: Turning a National Financial Transition into the Modern Age
Miss CHAO Junqing PhD (F/T) Professor Douglas Arner International Economic Law
Mr. CHEN Guanhong PhD (F/T) Dr Michael Ng Professor Albert Chen Legal History
Mr. CHEN Hui PhD(F/T) Professor Zhao Yun WTO and International Economic Law
Miss CHENG Mao PhD(F/T)Mr. Sun Haochen Ms. Alice Lee Intellectual Property Law
Ms. CHONG Agnes PhD(F/T) Dr. James Fry Law of International Organizations
Miss CHU Shunyu PhD(F/T) Proefssor Fu Hualing Public Law
Miss DENG ZhaoxiaPhD(F/T) Dr. Li Yahong Dr. Shahla Ali International Economic Law and Intellectual Property Law
Ms. FENG Ye PhD(P/T) Professor Scott Veitch   Legal Theory
Miss FENG Yingkun PhD(P/T) Ms. Katherine Lynch Alternative Dispute Resolution
Miss FERNANDES DE SOUSA FERREIRA Ilda Cristina PhD(P/T) Professor Simon Young International Law
Ms. FERREIRA MATIAS   Celia FilipaPhD(F/T) Dr. Marcelo Thompson Professor Scott Veitch Law
Mr. GITTINGS Daniel JohnPhD(P/T)Professor Simon Young Professor Richard Cullen Public Law: Executive-led Government, The Gap between Constitutional Design and Reality in Hong Kong
Miss HOU ZhuqingPhD(F/T) Professor Zhao Yun Space Law
Ms. HUANG Weijie PhD(F/T) Dr. Li Yahong Intellectual Property and Information Technology
Ms. JIANG Zhihang Mphil(F/T) Professor Douglas Arner The Constitutive Role of Financial Regulation and Financial Law in a Socio-Legal Perspective
Miss JIAO YujiePhD(F/T) Professor Yu Guanghua Civil and Commercial Law
Miss Lam Wing Yan AdriennePhD(F/T) Professor Albert Chen Comparative Chinese Law
Mr. LAW Sau Wai PhD(P/T) Ms. Katherine Lynch Arbitration in global private banking sector
Miss LEE Sau Kong PhD(P/T) Dr. Felix Chan Dr. Humphrey Ko Chinese Legal History
Mr. LEE Chun Man John PhD(P/T) Dr. Richard Wu Managing conflicts of interest: Challenges for an international law firm
Miss LI Xi PhD(F/T) Professor Fu Hualing Chinese Law and Human Rights Law
Miss LI XingfangMPhil(F/T) Dr. Qiao Shitong Professor Yu Guanghua Economic Analysis of Law; IT&IP Law
Ms. LIANG Jiaolong PhD(P/T) Professor Say Goo Corporate and Financial Law
Ms. LIN Lifei PhD(F/T) Professor Zhao Yun WTO and International Economic Law
Mr. LIN Yang PhD(F/T) Professor Zhao Yun Internet Law, Dispute Resolution and Legal Development
Miss LIU ZiyuPhD(F/T) Professor Zhao Yun Professor Zhang Xianchu Comparative Chinese Law
Mr. LOJA Herbert Aclan PhD(P/T) Professor Simon Young Public International Law
Ms. LOJA Severina Melissa Hubahib PhD(F/T) Professor Simon Young Public international law
Mr. LONG Jie PhD (F/T) Professor Zhao Yun International Space Law
Miss LUI Hoi Yan MPhil(P/T) Professor Scott Veitch Tort - Privacy Law
Mr. LUO Jiajun PhD (F/T) Professor Fu Hualing Chinese Constitution Law; Chinese Public Law; Constitutionalism; Human Rights
Mr. MANUKYAN Karen PhD(F/T) Dr. Li Yahong Intellectual Property Law
Mr. MBUGUA Wilson Karera PhD(F/T) Dr. Shahla Ali Information Technology And Intellectual Property Law
Ms. MYSAK Yuliia PhD(F/T) Dr. Alex Schwartz Professor Scott Veitch Transitional Justice
Mr. NAINANI Dhiraj Kumar Mohan PhD(F/T) Dr. Daniel Matthews Prof. Scott Veitch Law and the Humanities, Jurisprudence, and Critical Legal Theory
Ms. NAIR Saroj Bejoy PhD(F/T) Dr. James Fry Nuclear Non-Proliferation, Disarmament and International Law
Ms. PEERS Alison Catherine Eilzabeth PhD(F/T) Professor Simon Young Prof. Karen Laidler Women and Trafficking
Mr. POLIZZOTTO Dean Andrew SJD(F/T) Professor Douglas Arner Dr. Q Liu The Role of Securitization, Derivatives, and Bond Markets in the Future Development of East Asian Economics
Mrs. PRINGLE Angela Alison PhD(P/T) Dr. Shahla Ali Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals: Law, Regulations and Policy
Ms. RICHARDS Jane AlexandraPhD (F/T) Professor Simon Young Ms. Kelley Loper Human Rights Law
Miss ROBIS Leah Angela VitanPhD (F/T) Professor Anselmo Reyes Professor Johannes Chan Judicial Independence and Autonomy in Emerging Democracies: Perspectives from the Philippine and Sri Lankan Judiciaries
Mr. SERGEEV ArtemPhD (F/T)Professor Simon Young International Law, Public International Law, Human Rights
Ms. SHARMA AnupamaPhD (F/T)Professor Simon Young Criminal Law
Mr. SHEN JunzhengPhD (F/T)Dr. Maisie Ooi  Professor John Lowry Arbitration & Dispute Resolution
Mr. SMITH Ross AllenPhD(P/T)Professor Say Goo Dr. Michael Ng Private Equity Law - The Challenge of New Legal Framework
Ms. TAN JingPhD (F/T)Professor Fu Hualing Professor Tony Carty International Law
Ms. TANG YiMPhil (F/T) Dr Gu Weixia Dr Shahla Ali Arbitration & Dispute Resolution
Ms. TAUFIKA UmmePhD(P/T)Ms. Cora ChanDr. Shahla Ali Human Rights Law; Concentration will be given on Women Rights in the perspective of Bangladesh
Mr. TSUI Wai Hang SJD (P/T) Mr. Benny Tai One Country, Two Systems: A New Instituationalism Approach
Mr. VAN ROMBURG Lucienne JasonPhD (F/T)Professor Douglas Arner Law
Mr. WANG Wai Hong MPhil (P/T) Mr. Michael Jackson   Digital Evidence, Cyber-crime and Legal Jurisdiction
Mr. WANG WeiPhD (F/T)Dr. Ryan WhalenDr. Li Yahong Intellectual Property and Information Technology, Law and Technology (ELSI)
Mr. WONG Kai YeungSJD(P/T)Mr. Yap Pojen Miss Cora Chan Comparative human rights law
Miss WONG Sau Wai Vega PhD (P/T) Ms. Katherine Lynch Dr. Shahla Ali Building Management and Dispute Resolution
Mr. WOO Kam Wah AlexSJD(P/T)Professor Douglas Arner Financial Law (Regulatory Challenges in Derivatives)
Mr. Xiang FanPhD (F/T)Professor Albert Chen Public Law
Mr. XIAO Shiling PhD (F/T)Professor Simon Young Human rights law, civil and criminal procedural law
Miss XUE RenweiPhD(F/T) Professor Yu Guanghua Commercial, Corporate and Financial Law
Miss YAN YanPhD(F/T) Professor C.L. Lim Professor Tony Carty Financial Law (Regulatory Challenges in Derivatives)
Mr. YAN Yongliang PhD(F/T) Professor Zhao Yun Space Law
Ms. YANG Shiyuan MPhil(F/T) Dr. Shahla Ali   Energy & Environmental Law
Mr. YILMAZCAN Abdulkadir PhD(F/T) Mr. Kelvin Kwok Professor Zhao Yun International Trade Law
Miss ZHANG Shengyue PhD(F/T) Dr. Michael Ng Dr. Shahla Ali Legal History, Law and History, Legal Theory
Miss ZHANG XiaohanPhD (F/T)Professor Zhao Yun Arbitration & Dispute Resolution
Ms. ZHANG WenyuPhD(P/T) Dr. Gu Weixia Professor Zhang Xianchu Corporate Governance, Chinese Outbound Investment and Effective Governance
Mr. ZHONG WeianPhD(F/T) Dr. Peter Chau Professor Simon Young Criminal Law
Miss ZOU QuanPhD (F/T)Proefssor Fu Hualing   Labour Law and Comparative Chinese Law