Research Postgraduate Student Profile

Pattamon Anansaringkarn

A postgraduate research student in the nascent field of cyber law, Pattamon has worked as a public prosecutor at the Office of the Attorney General of Thailand since 2015.
Pattamon previously graduated top of her class from Chulalongkorn University in Thailand in 2010, followed by masters programmes at the University College London and the University of Oxford in England, for which she received various awards.
As a public prosecutor, she has spent most of her time working in the Bangkok Economic Crime Litigation Department, where she litigated charges and prosecuted crime involving cyberspace and the use of computer and electronic transaction.

Field of Study: Information Technology
Thesis Title: Pattamon’s research interests lie, among other things, in the theories and policies underlying the law and regulation of the information and data in cyberspace, with a particular focus on the scope of Southeast Asia.
Programme of Study: Ph.D. 2019
Supervisor(s): Dr. Marcelo Thompson and Prof. Scott Veitch
Publications: N/A
Bentham Scholarship
Hong Kong PhD Fellowship

Currently she is on study leave for pursuing PhD at the University of Hong Kong.