Research Postgraduate Student Profile

Chen Hui 陈晖


Chen Hui is a PhD candidate in international law at the University of Hong Kong. His research mainly focuses on the WTO agriculture trade negotiations, dispute settlement and its impact on China’s legal conversions. He has also been studying the impact of Belt and Road Initiatives on China’s legal reform and international trade dispute settlement. While studying his master degree in international law in 2013, he got the opportunity to be an intern in the WTO headquarters in Geneva for ten months. During this period, he studied the practical experience of multilateral agriculture negotiations in the WTO, WTO rules on domestic support and agriculture subsidies, and China’s role in facilitating the negotiation process.

Field of Study: WTO rules, dispute settlement and international trade negotiation

Thesis Title:
The development of Agriculture Negotiation and Dispute Settlement in the WTO: Implication for China’s Future Legal Reform

Programme of Study (start year): 2016

“WTO Multilateral Agriculture Negotiation and Implication for China” in Global Trade and Economic Governance Annual Report 2016, Law Press China, 2016.


“Gains and Losses of China's WTO Agricultural Commitments: Empirical Study on China’s Domestic Support Measures” in Global Trade and Economic Governance Annual Report 2015, UIBE Press, 2015.



Postgraduate Scholarship (PGS), HKU 2016 – 2019

Postgraduate Scholarship, SUIBE 2011 – 2014

Bachelor Scholarship, ZUCC 2006 – 2010