Research Postgraduate Student Profile

Deng Zhaoxia 邓朝霞

Ms. Deng Zhaoxia is a PhD student in the Faculty of Law, the University of Hong Kong, under the supervision of Prof. Li Yahong and Prof. Shahla Ali. She specializes her studies in Intellectual Property Law and International Economic Law. Prior to her academic journey in the University of Hong Kong, she holds an LLB from the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies and an LLM from the National University of Singapore, and also have several experiences in the National and Provincial Found Research Projects.

Field of Study: Intellectual Property Law and International Economic Law

Thesis Title: Building an Ecological Balance on Copyright Protection of Video Games: Legal Philosophy, Judicial Practice and Social Regulation

Programme of Study: Ph.D. 2017

Supervisor(s): Dr. Y Li

Co-supervisor: Prof. Shahla ali


‘Intellectual Property Protection of Chinese Investment in Africa’ in Chonghan Hu and Minghua Xiang, eds., Protection of Chinese Investment in Africa: From the Perspective of International Law (People’s Publishing House, Beijing, 2017)

Improvement of the Technical Fact-Finding Mechanism in China: From the Perspective of the Operation Status of Technical Investigator System (co-authored with Chonghan Hu), Law-Based Society, issue 5, 2017.

The Legal Effect of the Technical Investigation Report in the Intellectual Property Litigation, Legal Expo, No.12, 2016.

The Impact of Communication and Emotional Interaction Between Teachers and Students on College English Cooperative Learning—Case Studies from Mutual Perspectives (co-authored with Huihua Lin), Crazy English, issue 3, 2014.


Postgraduate Scholarship

Triple-A Student
Degree of Bachelor of Law with Distinction
National Endeavor Fellowship

GDUFS Outstanding Student League Cadres
1st Scholarship of Comprehensive Performance
Triple-A Student
4th Prize in International Commercial Arbitration Moot
Fu Hui Endeavor Fellowship

2nd Scholarship of Comprehensive Performance 
3rd Prize in Career Planning Contest
Triple-A Student

National Endeavor Fellowship
2nd Scholarship of Comprehensive Performance
Outstanding Student Leader
GDUFS Excellent Planner of Freshmen Encouragement Activities