Research Postgraduate Student Profile

Say Wai Law 羅修慧

Mr. Law has over 10 years of industry experience in the banking industry with major international banks located in Hong Kong. He started off his banking career as a credit risk analyst and has been a private banker since 2012. His area of expertise includes credit risk management, credit portfolio management, private banking business and project management in particular transition of traditional banking model to digital-banking. He obtains a BA in Economics at Durham University and MSc. In Economics for Development at Oxford University; he then obtains LLB at University of London (External Programme) and LLM (Arbitration and Dispute Resolution) at HKU.

Field of Study: Arbitration in Global Private Banking

Thesis Title: [Proposed Topic] Did Arbitration offer more efficient and effective means of resolving civil dispute in the financial industry then litigation? A private banking perspective

Programme of Study: Ph.D.  2018

Supervisor(s): Ms. KL Lynch

Publications: N/A

Hart Giles Prize for Negotiation
LLM (Arbitration and Dispute Resolution), HKU, 2017