Research Postgraduate Student Profile

Dhiraj K M Nainani 羅俊

Dhiraj Nainani completed his LLB and LLM from the London School of Economics and Political Science before joining the University of Hong Kong for his PhD. His thesis looks at the relationship between law and urban spatiality. Specifically, it draws upon theorists like Henri Lefebvre and Michel Foucault and applies their work to a legally and spatially ambivalent place like the ‘infamous’ Chungking Mansions in Hong Kong. In doing so, it aims to show how the law is not just embedded in urban space but also produces and shapes it in many different ways. 
Dhiraj is also a keen writer of fiction and is working on his debut short story collection. He is a member of the Hong Kong Writers Circle and hopes to do an MFA in Creative Writing in the near future. 

Field of Study: Critical legal theory, law and geography

Thesis Title: Gold in the Darkness - Law, Space, and Circulation in Chungking Mansions

Programme of Study: Ph.D. 2016

Supervisor(s): Dr. DC Matthews and Prof. TS Veitch

Publications: N/A