Research Postgraduate Student Profile

Leah Angela Vitan Robis

Angela is a Philippine-registered lawyer, and clerked for the Supreme Court of the Philippines prior to pursuing post graduate studies in the University of Hong Kong.

Field of Study: Judicial studies, judicial behaviour 

Thesis Title: 'Legislating on Judicial Accountability: Examining the History, Theory and Practices in Enforcing Judicial Accountability'

Programme of Study: Ph.D. 2015

Supervisor(s): Prof. AT Reyes and Prof. JMM Chan

'Balancing the Freedom of Expression and the Rights of the Accused to the Presumption of Innocence and Fair Trial: Is Social Media a Game Changer' (2015) 60 Ateneo Law Journal 397

'The Role of Media in Maintaining the Equilibrium of Inter-branch Relations in Government' (2015) 1 International Journal of Law and Interdisciplinary Studies 43

'The Sun Rises Anew in Mindanao: Towards Recognising the Bangsamoro Nation within the Context of the Philippine Republic' (2015) 59 Ateneo Law Journal 1117

'When does Public Interest Justify Government Interference' (2014) 15 Asia Pacific Journal on Human Rights and the Law 203