Research Postgraduate Student Profile

SHEN Junzheng (沈駿崢 / 沈骏峥)

Field of study: corporate law

Thesis title:
“Regulation of Dual Class Share Structures in Listed Companies: A Comparison of Hong Kong and the United States”

Programme of study: Full-time PhD starting from October 2014

“The Anatomy of Dual Class Share Structures: A Comparative Perspective” (2016) 46 Hong Kong Law Journal 477, available at <>

“Regulation of Controlling Shareholder Misconduct in Listed Companies: A Comparison of Hong Kong and Delaware” (2018) 48 Hong Kong Law Journal 485, available at <>

“A Comparative Analysis of Dual Class Share Structures” (The CLS Blue Sky Blog, 4 November 2016) <>

Qualification: PRC National Judicial Examination

In his PhD research at HKU, Mr. SHEN Junzheng compares the HK and US regulatory regimes of dual class listed companies and proposes amendments to the HK regime; he also outlines an effective regulatory framework of dual class listed companies that can be used by policymakers as a starting point. Two articles based on this research have been published on Hong Kong Law Journal. One article analysed dual class share structures by comparing them to other corporate governance structures; the other one discussed the regulation of controlling shareholder misconduct — a key issue in the regulation of dual class share structures. Mr. SHEN was also invited by Columbia Law School to post a brief version of the former article on its Blue Sky Blog. Mr SHEN plans to research PRC company law on a comparative law basis in his future career; in particular, he is interested in comparing the HK, US and PRC regulatory approaches to controlling shareholder misconduct. He will also further develop his research on dual class share structures.