Research Postgraduate Student Profile

Woo Kam Wah Alex 胡錦華

Trained as an engineer but switched to an investment banking career subsequently. Recently retired from the financial industry after a very successful career of over 30 years in various markets from Wall Street to Hong Kong. Have engaged in products ranging from fixed income to derivatives, in both front line and senior management capacity. Diverse academic background in various disciplines. B.Eng (McGill), M.Eng (Cornell), MBA (Columbia), LLM (Wolverhampton). 

Field of Study: Financial Law - Derivatives regulation challenges

Thesis Title: Can a More Principles-Based Regulatory Regime fill the Regulatory Gap in Over-the-Counter Derivatives for End Users in Hong

Programme of Study: SJD (2010)

Supervisor(s): Prof. DW Arner

Publications: N/A

Awards: N/A