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Research Programmes

Since 1969, our Faculty has been training graduates who are today distinguished legal professionals, leaders of our community and top academics.

The Faculty of Law places great emphasis on the quality of postgraduate research education, and values innovative, high-impact and leading-edge research within and across disciplines. The Faculty strongly encourages and supports international and interdisciplinary collaboration on research and regularly participates in research that advances the cultural, social and economic welfare of the society. Aspiring to be a leading center of academic excellence in research postgraduate education in the region, the Faculty considers it a priority to provide an intellectually stimulating environment nurturing students' intellectual, creative and innovative abilities.

The Faculty has a vigorous research environment that offers excellent research opportunities and facilities. The various types of research include traditional doctrinal analysis, inter-disciplinary work, as well as theoretical and applied research.The quality of the Faculty's research is recognized internationally. Our research is regularly accepted by refereed, reputable journals; and by the award of impressive numbers of research grants by the University Grants Committee, the Research Grants Council, trusts, endowment funds, etc.

For details about admission of the Research Postgraduate Programmes, please go through the Graduate School website :  http://www.gradsch.hku.hk/gradsch/rola/online-application-for-mphil-phd-admission