Artem Sergeev

Artem Sergeev is a PhD candidate at the University of Hong Kong in international law and legal theory. In addition to his legal work as an academic, Artem contributed to the United Nation’s mission in Cambodia, Oxford University Press, theDesk and a number of other enterprises. He has published a range of articles on various aspects of international law, received several notable academic awards, and actively contributed to the legal community around the world.

Field of Study: International Law

Thesis Title: Reconciling Authority and Sovereignty in International Law

Programme of Study: Ph.D. 

Supervisor(s): Professor Simon Young


“Unilateral Law and non-State Actors: Exploring a New Paradigm”, German Law Journal, Volume 19(1), 2018.

“The Right to Internet Access: Assessing the Impact and the Merits of Compliance Through an Example of Modern China”, International Journal of Law and Information Technology, Volume 25(4), Oxford University Press, 2017.

“Application of the Geneva Additional Protocol II to the United Nations Forces: Legal Insights on a Growing Responsibility”, Journal of International Humanitarian Legal Studies, Brill, Volume 8, 2017.

“Legitimacy of Customary International Law: Legal, Moral, and Social Perspective”, International Review of Law, Volume 1(8), January 2017.

“Intraline Resources SDN BHD v. The Owners of the Ship or Vessel ‘“Hua Tian Long’” / “GA vs. Director of Immigration”, Case Analysis, the International Law in Domestic Courts project, Oxford University Press, 2017.