Jiaying YU

Yu Jiaying is a PhD candidate in the Department of Law in HKU, and is now researching on Space Law and Public International Law. She is under the supervision of Professor Zhao Yun. Before this, she completed both her Undergraduate and Master Law Degrees from Shenzhen University.


1. The paper “The Legal Status of Lunar Stationing Activities” has been accepted by the 2022 China Space Conference.

2. The abstract of the paper “Applying UN Space Treaties to Search and Rescue of Crewed Lunar Station Missions” has been accepted by the 1st International Conference on Lunar Search and Rescue.

3. Jiaying Yu, Lunar Missions Treaty Regulation: Proposing a Revised or an Alternative Moon Agreement, in the 72nd International Astronautical Congress (2021), https://iafastro.directory/iac/proceedings/IAC-21/ (last visited Aug 22, 2022).

4. Jiaying Yu, Legal Aspects of the “Safety Zone” Provision of the Artemis Accords and its Implications, in 2021 China Space Conference 20-24 (2021).

5. Jiaying Yu, Reinterpretation of the CHM Concept in Lunar Resources Utilization, in 2020 China Space Conference 525-541 (2020).

6. Jiaying Yu, Community of Shared Future for Mankind in Global Governance and Outer Space, in 2019 China Space Conference 33-38 (2019).

7. Yuhai Yin, Jiaying Yu, The Development and Value Judgment of Soft Law in Outer Space, 32 Journal of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (Social Sciences Edition) 106-112 (2019). This article is a part of the initial research outcome of “The Establishment of the Long-Term Sustainability Legal Regime of Outer Space Activities,” a social science research project funded by Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China in 2017.


Postgraduate Scholarship (PGS), HKU, 2020
Excellent Postgraduate Student, SZU, 2019
Foreign Language Test Scholarship, SZU, 2018
Academic Performance Scholarship, SZU, 2013/2014