Zhanat Alimanov

Zhanat is a graduate of Duke University School of Law (LL.M) and Kazakhstan University of the Humanities and Law (LL.B equivalent, graduation with high honors).  Admitted to practice in the State of New York (New York Bar Admission, 2002).

He has an extensive professional and academic background.  Before joining academia, Zhanat practiced as a lawyer and was a businessman.  Since 2008, Zhanat has been an assistant professor (by special appointment) at KIMEP University, one of the top Universities of Central Asia.  During 10 years of work there, he has been continuously contributing to the improvement of law education there.  E.g., he has been the founder of the clinical education at the University (Legal Clinic, est. 2012), and director of KIMEP LL.B Program.  Currently, he is on academic leave for 4 years there.

Apart from the academic path of his career, Zhanat has served as an independent member of the board of directors of the Investment Fund of Kazakhstan and Development Bank of Kazakhstan from 2013 to 2018.

Field of Study: Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility.

Thesis Title: A Comparative Study of Legal Ethics Regulation in United States, United Kingdom and Hong Kong: Lessons for Kazakhstan.

Programme of Study: Ph.D. 

Supervisor(s): Dr. RWS Wu


“Analysis of Corporate Governance in Kazakhstan. Challenges & Recommendations. (Part 1. Kazakhstan Railways.),” The Yurist (peer reviewed journal), Almaty, Kazakhstan. September 2013.

“Regulation of Corporate Decision-Making Process in the Joint Stock Companies in Kazakhstan. Problems and Solutions,” The Vestnik (peer reviewed journal of Eurasian University), Astana, Kazakhstan. January 2016.

“Comparative Law Analysis of Anticorruption Policies and Measures in Georgia, Denmark, Singapore and Ukraine. Recommendations for Kazakhstan,” The State and Law Journal (peer reviewed journal of Kazakhstan University of the Humanities and Law), Astana, Kazakhstan, 2018.