Activities (2014-2015)

Sharing Sessions by experience practitioners

Identifying the Right Practice Focus for Your Career
by Mr ­Richard L. Weisman, Registered Foreign Lawyer, Baker & McKenzie
4:30 pm, 18 Nov (Tue), LE 6

The Work of the World Bank: Possibilities and Developments (Registration)
Ms Tina Taheri Moayed, World Bank
12:30 pm, 26 Nov (Wed), CPD-LG.17

Career Workshops (2014-2015)

Ms Elvira Cheng, the Faculty’s Career Development Manager, will be hosting career workshops on the following topics and dates.  Please mark your diaries and register if you are interested.

Career Workshop I – Pursuing Your Legal Career in Law Firms
(First & second year students)
12:30 pm, 3 Nov (Mon), CPD-LG.10

In the first workshop, we will start off with a self-assessment and discussion on the routes to qualification as a solicitor vs. a barrister.  We will then focus primarily on law firms by going through: (i) the different kinds of law firms in Hong Kong and how they are categorized; (ii) things you should consider when selecting law firms; (iii) recruitment cycles for interns and trainees in law firms; and (iv) some market updates on private practice in general.
This workshop is intended for first and second year law students to help you navigate the early stages of the process to qualification, and to give you a better understanding of what kind of law firms are out there.  More senior year law students are also welcome.

Career Workshop II – Training Contracts and Other Career Options (Third year students or above)
12:30 pm, 12 Nov (Wed), Large Moot Court, 2/F, Cheng Yu Tung Tower

In the second workshop, we will go through various career options and job-searching resources for law graduates.  Areas we will cover are: (i) securing a training contract and qualifying as a solicitor in which case we will take a closer look at training contracts both within and outside law firms; (ii) pursuing legal-related career options in and outside law firms, with a view to possibly securing a training contract sometime in the future; (iii) pursuing non-legal related career options where a law degree may prove to be useful; and (iv) stepping into non-legal industries.
This workshop is intended for penultimate, final year and PCLL students who either want to become solicitors or who do not want to become solicitors or barristers and are not sure what other career options may be available to you or how to start the job-searching process.  Junior year students are also welcome.

Career Workshop III – Preparing Yourself in your Job Hunt (all students)
12:30 pm, 24 Nov (Mon), Large Moot Court, 2/F, Cheng Yu Tung Tower

The third workshop will focus on the following areas in your preparation for job interviews: (i) the ground work that you should go through before starting your resume and coverletter; (ii) how to make your resume stand out; (iii) what you should highlight in your coverletter; and (iv) tips which I hope will help your performance at interviews.
This workshop is intended for all although it is mainly intended for penultimate, final year and PCLL students who are about to begin or who have already begun their job-searching process.  More junior year students who are looking for summer jobs may find this workshop useful as well.

Career Workshop IV – What is it like to be a Trainee? (prospective trainees)
Jan 2015, venue to be confirmed

In this workshop, we will be going through your prospective life as a trainee, particularly in a law firm, and will cover areas such as: (i) what is expected of you as a trainee; (ii) what type of work you can anticipate; (iii) personal management and working effectively; and (iv) what it takes to be a lawyer and finding meaning in your legal career.

2014 Hong Kong Law Fair
14:00 – 17:00 │1 Nov 2014 (Sat) │Hall 3G, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Wan Chai

Recruitment Talk by Ernst & Young
18:00 – 19:00 │12 Sept 2014 (Fri) │Rayson Huang Theatre

Recruitment Talk by Credit Suisse Japan

Recruitment Talk by Credit Suisse

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