Memory Lane

For sure we all have a lot of happy memories with our classmates both during our days at the University and after our graduation. If you want to share with us any of those golden memories that were captured in photographs, please send them to us (preferably via email to ). Your photographs may be posted here!

LA students

Every freshman was so happy and excited after the campfire session of the orientation camp 2014.

Valentine's Day 2014

Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Campus with chocolates, marshmallows and more. Photo taken in 2014.

LA Superpass

Superpass blessing. Photo taken in 2014.

Inter faculty debate

The Law Faculty won the Championship in the Inter-faculty Debating Contest 2013.

LA high table dinner

Students were very attentive, hoping to learn more from the speeches of our honourable guests. [2012]

LA sports gala

Sporty law students! Go! Photo taken in 2010.

LA prizes

Law students in 2010 were also very active in joining different kinds of sports competition and won many prizes!

LA orientation

Mass Orientation in 2003.

legal interflow 2002

Legal Interflow Tour 2002

final mooting 1998
Final Mooting in 1998.

grad dinner 1991
Graduation dinner party of Class 1991.

students 1989
A group of students from LLB 1989 and 1990.

students 1982

A group of students from LLB 1982

grad dinner 1981
Graduation dinner party of Class 1981.

llb 1987
LLB1987: Let’s all cruise!

llb 1977
A group of students from LLB 1977.

students pic
From left: Henry Lai, Lawrence Cheung, Katherine Lo, Connie Tsui, Benny Yeung and Eric Au