Pathway Programme with the University of New South Wales (UNSW)



This programme is designed for single LLB students with a maximum annual intake of two students. They will spend their first three and a half years studying at HKU and the second semester of the fourth year studying for their LLM at UNSW. 

Upon successfully completing all course requirements at both HKU and UNSW, the students will be awarded an LLB degree from HKU and an LLM degree from UNSW.  The curriculum structure is as follows:

Year (to be taken at HKU)

No. of Credits

First Year

60 Credits (normal study load)

Summer Semester of the First Year

6 credits from Summer Learning Component

Second Year

60 Credits (normal study load)

Third Year

60 Credits (normal study load)

Fourth Year (Semester 1)

30 Credits (normal study load in one semester)



Year (to be taken at UNSW)

No. of Credits

Fourth Year (Semester 2)

24 Advanced Standing Credits / LLM at UNSW

Fifth Year (Semester 1)


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*All information is subject to changes without prior notice.


  • Third-year single LLB student with a minimum CGPA of 3.50 at the time of application, while nominees should also have a minimum CGPA of 3.50 at the end of the semester prior to departure; and
  • Completed a total of 216 credits, including 6 credits from the summer learning component, with all core courses completed.


Interested applicants should apply by submitting the following documents directly to the Outgoing Exchange Team at  by 5:00 PM HKT, 31 January 2024 (Wednesday): 

  • Personal Statement of no more than 750 words (the personal statement should outline those features about yourself that distinguish you from other candidates and/or anything you feel is relevant to your application, such as highlights about your non-academic achievements) with your full name, university number, curriculum and year of study; and
  • A copy of your academic transcript(s)


Students will pay only the fees of the institution they are studying at.  In other words, outgoing HKU students will pay HKU tuition fees for the first four years and UNSW tuition fees for the LLM semester.