Programme Information 

This dual degree of Bachelor of Laws at HKU and Bachelor of Laws at PKU shall normally require ten semesters of full-time study, i.e. five academic years of full-time study. Students admitted to this dual degree programme at HKU will spend the first two and a half years at HKU and a further two and a half years at PKU. Upon successful completion of the whole programme at both HKU and PKU, candidates will obtain an LLB degree from the respective institutions, i.e. HKU LLB (common law jurisdiction) and PKU LLB (civil law jurisdiction).

Students admitted at HKU shall follow the following syllabus:

First Year (66 credits)
48 credits in Professional law courses
12 credits in language enhancement courses
6 credits in Common Core course

Second Year (72 credits)
66 credits in Professional law courses
6 credits in Common Core course

Third Year (first semester) (36 credits)
36 credits in disciplinary electives

Third Year (second semester), Fourth and Fifth year (at PKU)

  • Common and Foundational Courses: 38 credits
      – University-wide Compulsory Common Education Courses: 18 credits
      – Disciplinary Foundational Courses: 20 credits
  • Disciplinary Compulsory courses: 38 credits
  • Disciplinary Elective courses: 15 credits
  • Graduation Internship: 2 credits
  • Graduation Dissertation: 3 credits


This dual degree programme looks for high-quality applicants from either Hong Kong or Mainland China for admission. Eligible Hong Kong applicants should submit their application via HKU Law, whereas mainland students sitting for GaoKao should apply for this dual degree programme via PKU Law.

To be eligible for admission into this dual degree programme, applicants must satisfy ALL of the following criteria:

  • Hold a valid Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macau Residents (Home Return Permit) and are not a student from Macau;
  • Complete senior high schooling in Hong Kong; and
  • Have a high level of proficiency in both spoken and written Chinese (Putonghua) and English.

Entry requirements:

(i) Via JUPAS scheme (on the strength of HKDSE)

  • English and best five HKDSE subjects, including category A subjects and M1/M2 with at least an overall score of 42;
  • Attained (A) / a score of Level 3 or above in Citizenship and Social Development / Liberal Studies1 respectively;
  • at least Level 5 in English; and
  • no score lower than Level 4 in the best five subjects.

Note: Conversion of HKDSE grades into scores:
Level 5** = 8.5, 5* = 7, 5 = 5.5, 4= 4, 3 =3, 2 = 2, 1 = 1, unclassified/others = 0.

(ii) Via non-JUPAS scheme (on the strength other than HKDSE)

  • GCE A levels: Minimum grades A*AA; or
  • IB Diploma: 39 points (excluding bonus points), including no score lower than 6 in each examined subject, and at least a score of 19 points in three higher level subjects; or
  • an equivalent standard in an alternative qualification which satisfies the University of Hong Kong entry requirements.

[1] Liberal Studies taken in the 2023 HKDSE will be included when calculating the best 2023 and 2024 HKDSE results for the calculation of the overall score.


JUPAS applicants applying the programme based on the strength of HKDSE should complete the following by 23:59 (Hong Kong Time) on 31 January of the calendar year in which entry is sought:

  • Submit a JUPAS application with the HKU LLB programme (i.e. JUPAS Code JS6406) listed as one of their Band A choices; AND
  • Submit a separate online application form for this dual degree programme; AND
  • Submit the following via Qualtrics no later than 23:59 (Hong Kong Time) on February 9, 2024.
      – A separate personal statement for this dual degree programme
      – School reference letter
      – Official predicted grades report
      – Senior secondary academic transcripts

Non-JUPAS applicants applying the programme based on recognized examinations other than GaoKao should complete the following by 23:59 (Hong Kong Time) on 31 January of the calendar year in which entry is sought:

  • Submit a non-JUPAS application with the HKU LLB programme (i.e. Non-JUPAS code 6406) placed as the first choice; AND
  • Indicate their choice for this programme in the “Dual Degree and University Collaborative Programmes” section under the “Choice of Programme” tab in the HKU online application form.

Notes for all applicants

  • There is no separate JUPAS or non-JUPAS code for the HKU-PKU Dual Degree Programme in Law.
  • Applicants who have applied for this programme and for the HKU LLB programme will be considered for both programmes.
  • In view of a small annual intake for each university, admission to this rigorous, challenging and demanding programme will be highly selective. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an admissions interview by the Panel comprising HKU Law and PKU Law members in late March / early April.
  • Personal statement submitted via email shall not be entertained.
  • Late applications will not be considered.
  • All information regarding this Dual Degree is subject to change without prior notice. Please check the website for the information of this programme from time to time.

For all enquiries, please contact .

Last update: 30 April, 2024