HKU-PKU Dual Degree Programme in Law

Students who wish to apply for the admission to the HKU-PKU Dual Degree Programme in Law (the Programme) are required to submit an application for admission in 2021:

(i) via JUPAS and have listed The University of Hong Kong (HKU) LLB programme (i.e. JUPAS Code JS6406) as one of the Band A choices; or
(ii) via Non-JUPAS application system and have listed The University of Hong Kong (HKU) LLB programme (i.e. Non-JUPAS code 6406) as the first choice.

Programme Information

This dual degree of Bachelor of Laws at HKU and of Bachelor of Laws at PKU shall normally require ten semesters of full-time study, i.e. five years of study.  HKU admitted students in this dual degree programme will spend the first two and a half years at HKU and a further two and a half years at PKU.  Upon successful completion of the whole programme at both HKU & PKU, candidates will obtain an LLB degree from respective institutions, i.e. HKU LLB (common law jurisdiction) and PKU LLB (civil law jurisdiction).

Students admitted by HKU shall follow the following syllabus:

First Year (66 credits)

48 credits in Professional law courses
12 credits in language
6 credits in Common Core course

Second Year (72 credits)

66 credits in Professional law courses
6 credits in Common Core course

Third Year (first semester) (36 credits)

36 credits in disciplinary electives

Third Year (second semester), Fourth and Fifth year (at PKU)

  • Common and Foundational Courses: 38 credits
           – University-wide Compulsory Common Education Courses: 18 credits
           – Disciplinary Foundational Courses: 20 credits
  • Disciplinary Compulsory courses: 38 credits
  • Disciplinary Elective courses: 15 credits
  • Graduation Internship: 2 credits
  • Graduation Dissertation: 3 credits


This dual degree programme looks for high-quality applicants from either Hong Kong or Mainland China for admission.  Eligible Hong Kong applicants should submit their application via HKU Law, whereas mainland students should apply this programme via PKU Law.

To admit into this dual degree programme, local applicants must satisfy ALL of the following criteria:

  • They must hold a valid Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macau Residents (Home Return Permit) and are not a student from Macau;
  • They must complete high schooling in Hong Kong and will be graduating from a Hong Kong secondary school at the time of application; and
  • They must have a high proficiency in both spoken and written Chinese (Putonghua) and English.

Applicants applying the programme based on the strength of HKDSE or other recognized examinations other than GaoKao should submit their application through the JUPAS admissions scheme (JUPAS Code JS6406) or the non-JUPAS admissions scheme (Non-JUPAS code 6406) respectively.  They should also apply separately through the Faculty of Law online application system.  There is no separate JUPAS or non-JUPAS code for the HKU-PKU Dual Degree Programme in Law. 

In view of a small annual intake for each university, admission to this rigorous, challenging and demanding programme will be highly selective. Only applicants who have place HKU LLB programme as one of their Band A choices (for JUPAS) or as the first choice (for Non-JUPAS) via JUPAS or non-JUPAS application system respectively in order to be considered in main round admissions. 


Both JUPAS applicants and non-JUPAS applicant are required to submit a separate Faculty of Law online application form through the Faculty of Law online application system after having submitted the JUPAS application or non-JUPAS application.  Those applicants who have applied for this Programme and for the HKU LLB programme will be considered for both programmes.

The online application system will close at 23:59 (Hong Kong Time) on 30 June 2021.  Late applications will not be considered.  Shortlisted candidates will be invited for interview by the Panel comprising HKU Law and PKU Law members 

To facilitate the consideration of the application, please submit academic reference and predicted grades to hkupku@hku.hk by 23:59 (Hong Kong time) on July 17, 2021.   All correspondence from applicants regarding the Programme should state the applicant’s full name and JUPAS/Non-JUPAS application number for easy reference.

All information regarding this Dual Degree is subject to change without prior notice. Please check this website from time to time.