A quality degree is not just about providing a good technical understanding of a subject, it should also prepare students for leading positions in their chosen profession and public life generally. The law degree (LLB) at HKU aims to do precisely that. Since the LLB started in 1969 many former students have gone on to become senior figures in the legal profession, as well as serving the community in distinguished public office. We hope that you too may be able to join their ranks.

The Faculty of Law recognises that Hong Kong is part of a regional and global economy that is undergoing increasingly rapid technological and social change. Although most LLB graduates may seek to enter the legal profession, either as solicitors or barristers, the LLB degree is also designed with broader objectives in mind. We strive to foster critical reasoning in our students and to encourage them to develop a flexible approach to problem-solving, not just in the legal field. We hope that you will find studying law at HKU both rewarding and stimulating.

All students taking the LLB will have the opportunity to apply to spend one or two semesters studying abroad at leading American, Canadian, Australian or British law schools. The Faculty particularly encourages students to join an exchange programme and has, in addition to University-wide schemes, entered into its own agreements with several leading overseas universities.

In addition to our 4-year LLB, a number of 5-year joint degree programmes are also now available to students. These have been very popular and successful. Please refer to the individual curricula for details of these programmes.