From 2014, the Faculty of Law introduced a formalized Visiting Student Scheme. Participation is limited to 10 students (double degree 4th and 5th or LLB degree 3rd and 4th). Students selected to join the Visiting Students Scheme will be able to transfer credits obtained as Visiting Students at Oxford and Cambridge.   Priority will be given to students wishing to participate in the Faculty of Law programme with Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge (1-2 students per year) and/ or the HKU programmes with Hertford College and Oxford.  Students wishing to apply for full year visiting at other Oxford colleges, such as St Catherine’s, or other Cambridge colleges, are also very much encouraged to apply for the Visiting Students Scheme.

IMPORTANT: Apart from bilateral exchange and approved summer programmes, only HKU students who study at other law schools pursuant to the Visiting Students Scheme will be able to transfer credits gained into their HKU LLB degrees.

Students wishing to apply for the Visiting Student Scheme should indicate this, together with their intended universities, in the space provided in the online exchange application form.  Shortlisted students who have applied for the Visiting Student Scheme will be invited to attend interviews in January each year.

Students who have been selected for the Visiting Student Scheme should proceed with their applications to their chosen universities, taking careful note of the application deadlines for each particular institution.

Students are welcome to apply for both visiting student scheme and exchange scheme.

IMPORTANT: Subject to limited scholarship assistance, students who attend these universities should be prepared to pay the substantial fees themselves.

IMPORTANT: Any student who wishes to spend a year at a foreign university may apply to defer their studies for a year.  Such students will not need to pay HKU fees for the year they are on leave but they will also NOT able to transfer credits into their HKU degrees, unless within the approved Visiting Student Schemes, such students will need to return to HKU and all the requirements for the degree.

St Catherine’s College, University of Oxford, UK

Hertford College, University of Oxford, UK

Scholarship for outgoing students under the “Self-funding Visiting Student Scheme”

Parkside Chambers Scholarship

Up to 2 Scholarships ranging from HK$10,000 to HK$100,000 each shall be awarded to undergraduate students who are to be or have been accepted to a self-funding Visiting Student Schemeto prestigious overseas universities.  Subject to mutual agreement between Parkside Chambers and awardees, awardees may undertake mini-pupillages of up to 4 weeks every summer at Parkside Chambers leading up to the commencement of pupillage.  In addition, awardees may serve a 6-month pupillage at Parkside Chambers after completion of his/her PCLL.

Selection Criteria
The Scholarships shall be awarded on the basis of academic merit as reflected in public examinations for admission to the University and cGPA during their undergraduate studies.  Financial need, interview performance, leadership potential and track record of community services may also be taken into consideration.

Application Procedures
Candidates are invited for application in March/ April.