The Faculty of Law is Hong Kong’s leading law school. It has a cherished heritage and is ranked amongst the best in the Asia-Pacific region and is highly regarded for providing quality legal education and life-long learning opportunities.

Building on its strong tradition of teaching, research in the common law and prominent links with the professional community, our Faculty, as a regional centre of excellence in China and the Asia-Pacific Region, aspires to be a world-class law school that meets the highest standards of international excellence in every dimension and to be recognized as one of the best law schools internationally.

The law school was established in 1969 and matured into the Faculty of Law in 1984.  Since its establishment, the Faculty of Law has become the breeding ground for some of the most distinguished legal professionals and community leaders in Hong Kong.  While most of our undergraduates have proceeded to study the Postgraduate Certificate in Laws (the qualification for entry into the legal profession in Hong Kong, either as solicitors or barristers), a considerable number of them have become senior figures serving the business, public service and other sectors.  Among them are senior judges, Senior Counsels, leading practitioners, legislators, political party leaders, cabinet members, chairpersons of statutory bodies, senior civil servants, leading journalists, committed philanthropists, and artists and not to mention leading academics and many others who contribute to the well-being of the community in many different ways.

The Faculty comprises of two departments (the Department of Law and the Department of Professional Legal Education), employs about 75 academic scholars from 17 jurisdictions around the world. In September 2015 the Faculty had about 1461 undergraduates enrolled in the LLB degree and mixed-degrees, 413 PCLL students, 75 JD students and about 387 full-time and part-time postgraduate students.

Exchange students should select courses according to the Faculty’s regulations, procedures and rules.  The normal course load for HKU LLB students is 30 credits each semester or 60 credits for one academic year.  Acceptance into selected courses will be determined by the Director of Student Exchange for incoming students, in consultation with the teacher-in-charge, if necessary. Students are advised to indicate their choices on the application form for preliminary consideration by the Faculty.  For students who are interested to enroll in courses offered outside the Faculty, approval must be sought from the respective departments and final approval rests with the offering department. However, students are not permitted to choose more than 6 credits worth of non-law courses in each semester.

You are strongly advised to consult the Director of Student for incoming students and your home institution should you wish to change your intended courses of study on arrival.

Students are invited to visit the Faculty of Law homepage for details of the courses on offer in 2015-16, and the corresponding Guidelines for the Selection of Courses for Incoming Exchange students

Course availability does change from year to year, subject to the availability of teaching resources and student enrolment. However, the majority of LLB courses will usually be offered. Exchange students are usually given more flexibility in selecting their courses. Hence, final course selection and registration takes place on arrival at the Faculty of Law after students have received the lectures and tutorials schedule. There is a two-week add/drop period during the start of each semester when students have the opportunity to attend the first one or two lectures before finalizing their study plans.

The following courses are not open to exchange and visiting students:

LLAW1008 Legal System
LLAW2009 Introduction to Chinese Law
LLAW2011 Summer Internship 
LLAW3097 Civil Procedure 
LLAW3099 Criminal Procedure
LLAW3102 Evidence I
LLAW3105 Land Law III (Conveyancing)
LLAW3203 Guided Research 
Taught postgraduate courses with course code ** LLAW6XXX and JDOCXXXX 
** JD students from North America will be able to enroll in Taught postgraduate courses (with course code LLAW6XXX)

Credit Transfer

Exchange and visiting students should communicate with their home institutions on the courses they intend to study at HKU before their arrival in Hong Kong. It is also your responsibility to keep your home institutions informed of any changes in your study plan here.

For exchange students, we will arrange official transcripts to be sent direct to your home institutions in early February (for first semester) and early July (for second semester) each year. Visiting students will have to apply for official transcripts on their own if your home institution requires it for credit transfer purpose. No matter you are exchange or visiting students, you will have to apply for official transcripts if you need one yourself.

For details on application for transcripts, please refer to the webpage of Academic Services of Registry.


Students should check with the offering lecturers to ascertain the means of evaluation and provisional dates of examinations in the beginning of the courses. In case of time clash, it is the responsibility of students to approach the lecturer concerned and arrange a separate examination.

Exchange and visiting students who need to provide examination results to their home universities earlier than July may submit a request to sit for early examinations and/or receive early indication of pass/fail. The request must be made in a prescribed form and sent to the Department of Law for consideration before the end of the add/drop period.

If your University already has exchange agreement with the University of Hong Kong, you do not need to pay the tuition fee in HKU for your exchange study. However, if there is no agreement established between your University and HKU, you have to pay the tuition fee of your study here. The tuition fee is HK$146,000 (full-year) or HK$73,000 (one semester), for the year 2015-2016 for non-local students. Students who are applying for admission as visiting students to any of our taught postgraduate programmes will be required to pay a higher fees.


Lodging fees for university undergraduate halls range from HK$6,500 to HK$8,000 per month. Students who would like to apply for admission to the postgraduate halls are expected to pay higher lodging fees. Electricity bill vary greatly in seasons. Normally, it’s $600 per month during summer. Rental in private market is expensive. Students are encouraged to apply with the Centre of Development and Resources for Students as soon as they receive the letter of admission to secure a place in student residence.


Around HK$4,500 per month in campus restaurants

Local transport

Around HK$1000 per month

For more information, please visit:


Once your application is successful, you will receive your offer of admission and an information package via the Office of International Student Exchange of the University. This information package contains information about campus housing and the relevant application procedures. For more information about the residential halls and application details, please visit the website of the Center of Development and Resources for students (CEDARS), Apart from applying direct to the CEDARS, there are off-campus housing, other self-financed halls and residences for students’ information through the above link.

Given the increasing number of international students, the University will make every reasonable effort to assist students to find living accommodations upon receipt of their applications, but is not obliged to secure on-campus accommodation for exchange students.

Visa Application

All non-local students are required to apply for student visas in order to study in Hong Kong.  Please allow 2 months for visa processing. Please visit CEDARS homepage for details,

All applicants for a student visa are required to have a local sponsor. Students coming to HKU should nominate CEDARS as your visa sponsor by completing and returning to CEDARS an application form for visa sponsorship with all the required documents and payment. You are required to pay a processing fee of HK$300.

For the actual visa application, students from overseas can choose to lodge their application via their local Chinese Embassy or via the CEDARS. For the latter option, a total fee of HKD800 will be charged.

Buddy Programme

The Office of International Student Exchange (OISE) operates a ‘buddy programme’ whereby each incoming exchange student is assigned a ‘buddy’ i.e. a local student to help them to settle down in the new environment and to integrate with the local community. If you wish to participate in this programme, please apply online at or fill in the application form for buddy programme in the package or send your request to .


The Orientation is usually organized in end of August.  Details can be viewed at the website of the Center of Development and Resources for students (CEDARS) at the time.

Generally, the standards for admission for exchange and visiting students are at least upper second-class honours (2:1) results (which converts to approximately a GPA of 3.33). However, given that different universities adopt different grading systems, the Exchange Committee at HKU retains overriding discretion in mapping between different grading systems and deciding whether to accept nominations for admission as exchange and visiting students from your home institution. Further, if you are currently enrolled in a double degree programme with Law as the major, our calculation of your GPA will only take into account your grades in Law subjects.
Except for some courses offered in the LLM(Chinese Law), the teaching medium for most courses at our Faculty is in English. Students coming from a university or comparable institution outside Hong Kong of which the language of teaching and/or examination is not English may be asked to prove their English proficiency.
The University accepts both the IELTS and the TOEFL test results as evidence of English Language competence, as well as a number of other qualifications.
Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
A score of 97 or above (internet-based test) or 593 or above (paper-based test)
International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
Band 7 or above with no subtest below 6.5

Admission Procedures

The Faculty of Law welcomes applications from exchange and visiting students.  If your home university already has exchange agreement with the University of Hong Kong, and you desire to pursue that programme, please contact your home university for more details.  Partner universities are required to submit the nominations via the online nomination system ( and upload the official transcript and English proficiency test report (if applicable) to the system.  Nominees will be informed of the online application procedures by email (via our International Affairs Office) and are required to upload the passport copy, personal statement and CV during the online application.
If you intend to be a visiting student at our Faculty on a self-financed basis, please submit an online application via the Admissions Office (, supported by an official academic transcripts, proof of English proficiency, curriculum vitae, a personal statement of why you are interested to be a visiting student at the University of Hong Kong, and a copy of personal particulars page of your passport.

Nomination Deadline

For students applying for the September term: March 31 in the same calendar year

For students applying for the January term: September 1 of the previous calendar year.