Law Mentorship Programme

The Law Mentorship Programme (“the Programme”) was first launched in 2002. The Programme is jointly organized by the Faculty of Law and The University of Hong Kong Law Alumni Association (‘the Law Alumni Association”). It aims to provide law students with the opportunity to meet legal practitioners and to enhance their educational, social and personal growth through a supportive relationship with their mentors. Over the years, the Law Alumni Association has provided tremendous support and assistance in the organization and running of the Programme, particularly in engaging the support of members of the profession and the Judiciary, many of whom are our alumni.

In the academic year 2015-16, the Programme was revamped that only year one students are eligible to participate. The mentor-mentee relationship is expected to formally last until the mentees graduate or reach their final year of studies.


Purposes of the Programme

– To provide an opportunity for law students to learn more about the careers in the legal profession

– To enhance personal development of students through interaction with their mentors/p>

– To enable members of the legal profession to understand more about the life of law students nowadays


The Mentorship Dinners

The Faculty and the Law Alumni Association organise the Mentorship Dinner annually. It is expected that the mentees will take the initiative to organize at least one more gathering between the First Gathering and the Dinner. It is also hoped that apart from these two gatherings, individual mentees and their mentors can develop further relationship through other communications or meetings.


No. of participants

2022 marked the 20th anniversary of the Law Mentorship Programme.

Until 2022-2023, 123 mentors and 561 mentees have joined the Programme since it was revamped in 2015-16. The Faculty and the Law Alumni Association are grateful for mentors’ generosity and look forward to welcoming new mentors and mentees in years to come.

For year one students who are interested in the Programme, please stay tuned for Faculty announcement.