Submission for Public Consultation on the Review of the Environmental, Social and Governance Guide
On behalf of the CCPL, Deputy Director Ms. Farzana Aslam submitted on 29th September a submission commenting on the Hong Kong Exchange (HKEx) Consultation Paper on the Review of the Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting Guide. The full submission can be downloaded here.

Delivering on the Promise of Equal Protection under the Law: Understanding the Experiences and Help-seeking Behaviours of Ethnic Minority and Immigrant Victims of Domestic Violence
On 3rd October, CCPL Director Ms.Puja Kapai launched the findings of her comparative empirical study into help-seeking behaviours of ethnic minority and immigrant women in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong. An infographic of her findings and recommendations can be downloaded here.

The Status of Ethnic Minorities Report
CCPL Director Ms.Puja Kapai authored and launched a Report, copy edited by ARO Dr Sherif Elgebeily, on the Status of Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong 1997 - 2014. The full report can be downloaded here.

Dr. Elgebeily: "To stem the flood of refugees, UN must work harder at ending wars and conflict"
ARO Dr Sherif Elgebeily writes in the South China Morning Post on the UN Security Council's Role in the Current Refugee Crisis

A Comparative Study on Children's Rights Education: Implications for Policy Reform in Hong Kong
CCPL Director Ms. Puja Kapai, Professor John Bacon-Shone, Ms. Annelotte Walsh and Ms. Fay Wong publish their research findings from a study commissioned by the Hong Kong Committee for  UNICEF on Children's Rights Education, funded by the Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF and the University of Hong Kong’s Small Project Funding Scheme.

CCPL Op-Ed: Ms. Puja Kapai & Dr. Sherif Elgebeily
In an op-ed entitled "Changing the tune of our calls for democracy in Hong Kong", CCPL Director Puja Kapai and ARO Dr Sherif Elgebeily explore the meaning of democracy in Hong Kong

Bryane Michael, Indira Carr and Donald Bowser: Evidence-Based Law: Using Data to Design and Implement Ethics-Related
Administrative Law







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