Free Legal Advice Scheme on HKU Campus

香港大學法律學院與當值律師服務計劃合作,在港大校園提供一項免費法律諮詢計劃,旨在(一) 為面對法律問題的大學教員、學生、或公眾人士對有關涉及香港法律的實際問題而提供初步的法律意見;(二) 透過處理真實案件,加強法律學生處理案件的經驗和技巧,及推廣義務專業服務的文化。




The Faculty of Law of University of Hong Kong runs a Free Legal Advice Scheme on campus under the Duty Lawyer Service. The objective of the Scheme is two-fold: (1) to offer preliminary legal advice to members of the University or the public having actual legal problems involving the laws of Hong Kong as to their legal position; and (2) through handling real cases, to allow our law students taking the Clinical Legal Education Course an opportunity to develop their lawyering skills and to promote pro bono culture.

The Free Legal Advice Scheme on HKU Campus has given preliminary legal advice to many types of cases including contract and business law disputes, divorce and custody issues, employment law and consumer rights, traffic accidents and workers' compensation, property ownership and inheritance rights, defamation, intellectual property, criminal and judicial review and so on.