Experiential Learning at HKU law emphasises practical skills, problem solving, and service

HKU’s experiential programmes demonstrate the range of what is possible within the legal profession.
We equip the next generation of lawyers with a solid foundation of legal knowledge and principles.
We instill strong awareness of community and dedication to social issues.

The letters by the titles below indicate the main type of student experience with that programme:

el_clinic_logoclinic outreach research

Free Legal Advice Scheme

Offers preliminary legal advice to the public on a variety of topics including contract disputes, family law, workers’ compensation, employment, property ownership and inheritance, defamation, intellectual property, criminal actions, and judicial review, among others.

Refugee and Human Trafficking Clinic

Provides law students interested in international human rights, refugee law, and anti-trafficking with an opportunity to gain practical legal skills by engaging with individual clients and conducting strategic legal research.

Global Migration Legal Clinic 

Assists with specific legal casework and problems affecting migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong and greater Asia; devises broader solutions, including education and community legal empowerment.

Disability Rights Clinic

Provides an interactive platform for sharing research, policies, and strategies for promoting disability rights in China and the Asian region.

Equality Rights Project

Builds capacity among public interest lawyers and NGO leaders working in the area of ending violence and discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, and disability.

Rule of Law Education project (ROLE)

Guides law students in disseminating knowledge and values on the rule of law to primary/secondary students and the general public, to enhance understanding of the rule of law as the foundation of Hong Kong’s institutions and success.

Street Law Programme

Uses interactive methods to teach practical law lessons to non-legal professionals, marginalized groups, and other community members.

Law, Innovation, Technology & Entrepreneurship (LITE Lab)el_clinic_logo

Empowers students to work with under-resourced tech startups, legal departments, social entrepreneurs and NGOs to co-design proof-of-concept and access to justice lawtech, conduct cutting-edge legal and policy research, participate in internships, and compete in hackathons and other international innovation competitions.

Other Experiential Learning Opportunities

Moot Court Competitions

Selects and trains law students to represent HKU in five international mooting competitions, heightening student skills in legal research, legal writing, and oral advocacy.

Social Justice Summer Internship

Creates opportunities during the academic summer term for students to engage in-depth with a host organisation focusing on an issue related to social justice and to conduct a research project.

Student-led Initiatives

Student Experiential Learning Community Service Task Force (SELECT)

Assists student-led experiential learning and pro bono initiatives by providing logistical support.