Since its establishment as a Department of Law in 1969, HKU Law has become a key incubator for some of the most distinguished legal professionals and community leaders in Hong Kong.  It is a pivotal research hub in different areas of law connecting with Mainland China and the Asia-Pacific Region; and we actively share our knowledge with the community.

We could not have made far without contribution of generations of teachers and alumni; support from the University, the legal profession and the community; and of course philanthropic contributions from our donors. You may make a difference by supporting the Development Fund in general or the following initiatives:

Hong Kong Legal Information Institute (HKLII) (online donation)

“Beyond 50” Campaign: Enrich Students’ Lives & Empower the Community (online donation)

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Our Facilities

Cheng Yu Tung Tower

Lui Che Woo Law Library

Philip K.H. Wong Theatre & Philip K.H. Wong Centre for Chinese Law


Endowed Professors (by year of establishment)

Cheng Chan Lan Yue Professor in Constitutional Law -Albert H Y CHEN

Paul K C Chung Professor in Jurisprudence – Scott VEITCH (Video)

Harold Hsiao-Wo Lee Professor in Trust and Equity – Lusina HO

Kerry Holdings Professor in Law – Douglas W ARNER (Video)

Warren Chan Professor in Human Rights and Responsibilities – Hualing FU (Video)

Henry Cheng Professor in International Law – Yun ZHAO (Video)


Academic Fellowship

Zue Lo Shui San Academic Fellowship