CCPL Visiting Fellows Programme

CCPL has hosted numerous experts and students of public and comparative law. We offer a stimulating academic environment, and a unique opportunity to undertake research from a comparative persepctive. Please note that the programme is self-funding, that is, the Centre is currently unable provide any financial assistance to Fellows. Visitors are welcomed on a rolling basis. Applicants must submit their materials for consideration no later than 60-days prior to their intended visit.

To apply please e-mail the following information:

- a resume;

- a summary of your proposed area of research;

- the names and contact details of two academic and/or professional referees;

- the proposed dates and duration of your stay;
-a statement indicating what you hope to achieve during your visit, as well as how what you hope to acheive fits within one or more of the Centre's four research themes (Comparative Public Policy; Comparative Human Rights; Constitutional Societies; and International Law in the Domestic Order);

-a statement indicating why you feel CCPL is the best fit for your proposed research, including the names of particular colleagues/Faculty experts who might be of particular interest

to Winnie Law at winniewm@hku.hk.



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