The Department of Law is responsible for the undergraduate LLB degree course, and for most of the teaching for post-graduate programmes. It also jointly teaches the BBA(Law)/LLB double degree programme with the Faculty of Business and Economics, the BSocSc(Govt&Laws)/LLB double degree programme with the Faculty of Social Sciences, and the Law and Literature programme with the Faculty of Arts.

The Department has 64 academic staff members who come from different jurisdictions, including Hong Kong, Mainland China, Britain, the United States, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and New Zealand. They all carry with them a variety and/or combination of academic and/or professional practice backgrounds and rich international experience.

Among the current teachers are members of the Hong Kong Law Reform Commission or its sub-committees, of committees of the Hong Kong Law Society or Bar Association, of various Hong Kong government advisory bodies, and people who regularly advise international or foreign bodies, including governments, or local, foreign or international non-governmental organisations.

Our teachers have a wide range of research interests, and are prolific researchers both in Hong Kong and overseas.

Teaching research and other intellectual interests are reflected in the courses they teach and the way they teach them. A number of colleagues have been introducing innovative methods into their teaching. These include courses making use of the Internet flip classes.