Important updates

Update dateCourse CodeCourse NameAmendmentCourse ConvenorRemarks
July 31LLAW3239Law and social justice at the intersections: gender, race, religion and sexualityCancelledPuja Kapai
July 31LLAW3146Multiculturalism and the lawCancelledPuja Kapai
Aug 10LLAW3238Intellectual property and conflict of lawsTeaching dates and time have been changedMichael Pendleton
Aug 14LLAW/JDOC6230Law and practice of investment treaty arbitrtionTeaching dates and time have been changedPeter Malanczuk
Aug 22LLAW3048Law of restitution IStarting from Aug 31 instead of Aug 30William Swadling
Aug 22LLAW/JDOC6226Comparative constitutional law theoriesCancelledRobert Toniatti
Aug 22LLAW3072Principles of Hong Kong taxation on incomeNewly addedMr Wilson Chow
Dr Doreen Qiu
Dr Jingyi Wang
Aug 29LLAW3118Law and religionTime changed to 1530-1820Mr Benny Tai
Aug 24LLAW6075National protection of human rightsTeaching dates and time has been changeDr Alberto Costi
Sept 4LLAW6072International and regional protection of human rightsTeaching dates has been changedMs Kelley Loper
Sept 4LLAW/JDOC6128International trade law ISaturday, Sept 16 is addedMs Richard Holt
Sept 5LLAW6157Arbitration practice, procedure and draftingMoved to Monday 1830-2130TBA
Sept 27LLAW3234Legal and legislative draftingCancelledProf Paul Salembier
Sept 28LLAW6022Advanced research methodologyShould be on Thu 1830-2130 in semester 2Prof Michael Palmer
Oct 9LLAW/JDOC6060Current issues in human rightsCancelled
Oct 9LLAW3009Banking lawCancelledMs Pauline Li
Oct 9LLAW3039Legal historyCancelledDr Humphrey Ko
Oct 9LLAW3212The law on financial derivatives and structured productsCancelledMs Yvonne Siew
Oct 9LLAW3213ASEAN lawCancelledMr Philip Kwok
Oct 9LLAW3229Regulatory Compliance in International Finance and OTC Derivatives DocumentationCancelledMr Y Y Wong & Mr Andrea Geat
Oct 9LLAW3237Designing dispute resolution systems: public and private sector applications in a global perspectiveCancelledDr Shahla Ali
Oct 9LLAW3240The theory and history of the PRC constitutionCancelledDr Humphrey Ko
Oct 9LLAW/JDOC6174Family mediationCancelledMs Sala Sihombing & Ms Robyn Hooworth
Oct 9LLAW/JDOC6277The theory and history of the PRC constitutionCancelledDr Humphrey Ko
Oct 12LLAW3072Principles of Hong Kong taxation on incomeNewly offered on Semester 2 and scheduled on Wed & Fri 1230-1420Mr Wilson Chow & Mr Bernard Siu
Oct 25LLAW6072International and regional protection of human rightsClass on Nov 2 is cancelled and a make-up class is arranged on Nov 10Ms Kelley Loper
Nov 2LLAW3201/LLAW/JDOC6225PRC shipping law (in Putonghua)Teaching dates in March has been change to 23 and 24Prof Guo Ping, Prof Chu Beiping & Prof Han Lixin
Nov 30LLAW3138Carriage of goods by seaFeb 24 (Sat) has been changed to Jan 15 (Mon) Prof Francis Reynolds
Dec 19LLAW3105Land Law IIIThe first lecture will be held on January 12, 2018Prof Michael Wilkinson
Jan 4, 2018LLAW3072Principles of Hong Kong taxation on incomeCancelledMr Wilson Chow & Mr Bernard Siu
Jan 8 2018LLAW/JDOC6163Negotiation: settlement and advocacyMoved to June semesterMs Katherine Lynch
Jan 8 2018LLAW3159 Introduction to negotiation theory and practiceCancelledMs Katherine Lynch
Jan 8 2018LLAW3007Alternative dispute resolutionCourse teacher has been changedMr Romesh Weeramantry & Mr Thomas Walsh
Jan 9 2018LLAW/JDOC6127Current issues in financial lawTeaching dates has been addedMr Paul Lejot
Feb 1 2018LLAW/JDOC6126e-Finance: law and regulationTentative schedule has been addedMs Jane Winn
Feb 9 2018LLAW6201PRC taxation law and policyLast class has been rescheduled to Apr 18 instead of Apr 25Mr Wilson Chow
Feb 14 2018LLAW/JDOC6280Introduction to artificial intelligence and lawTeaching schedule has been changedDr Yueh-Hsuan Weng
Mar 14 2018LLAW/JDOC6066Gender issues in human rightsTeaching dates and time has been changedDr Rangita de Silva de Alwis