Does the Change of Consumer Behavior Caused by Social Media Change Business Organizations’ Personal Information Handling?

Prof. Hiroshi Koga

It is alleged that the advent of the search economy and the development of Internet communities and online advertising have transformed consumer behavior. Dentsu, a leading advertising company in Japan, insists that the behavior has shifted from AIDMA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Memory, and Action) to AISAS (Attention, Interest, Search, Action, and Share). Furthermore, due to the proliferation of social media, consumer behavior is allegedly being changed into SISP (Sympathy, Interest, participation, and Share & Spread). This means that business organizations may now urgently be required to review and revise their ways of collecting, processing and using consumers' personal information in accordance with the changing consumer behavior, and the revision would bring about a new phase of the abuse/protection of personal information and privacy.

Based on this recognition, in this study, the author would like to investigate whether the changing consumer behavior has changed/is going to change business organizations' ways of handling personal information and, if this is a case, how. The implications of recent online marketing activities including frequent shoppers program (FSP) for personal information and privacy protection will be considered as part of this study.


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