Prof. John Murphy



John Murphy is a Professor at the Faculty of Law, The University of Hong Kong. He was educated in England and holds undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in law. John specialises in the law of torts, and he has authored two monographs in the field: The Law of Nuisance (Oxford University Press, 2010) and The Province and Politics of the Economic Torts (Hart Publishing, 2022).  For over a decade he was the editor of Street on Torts (one of the leading English textbooks on the subject), and for even longer he has been (and remains) one of small group of editors responsible for the production of Clerk and Lindsell on Torts (the leading practitioner work on tort law).   

John has published many scholarly articles and essays on the law of tortsHis work has appeared in many of the leading Commonwealth law journals including the following: Cambridge Law JournalCanadian Journal of Law and JurisprudenceLaw Quarterly ReviewLegal TheoryLegal StudiesMcGill Law JournalModern Law Review, Oxford Journal of Legal Studies and University of New South Wales Law Journal

In the past, John has appeared on radio discussing his subject, and he has also advised both the Law Commission and the UK Parliament on tricky matters of tort law. He has conducted research of both a doctrinal and a theoretical nature, and John prefers not to be pigeon-holed as a legal theorist or a black letter lawyer.  He takes the view that both approaches to torts scholarship can throw up interesting and worthwhile research topics. John’s teaching is confined to the law of torts.