Professor Xianchu Zhang 張憲初

Department of Law


Professor Zhang Xianchu received his LL.B degree from China University of Political Science & Law and MCL and JD from Indiana University School of Law at Bloomington. He served as an associate dean of the Faculty of Law from 2002-2014. Currently he is a director of the Hong Kong Legal Education Fund, a council member of Chinese Judicial Studies Association of the Supreme People’s Court, a member of the Expert Committee of Foreign Related Trials Studies of China Law Society, and an arbitrator of CIETAC, Shanghai and Shenzhen Arbitration Commissions.

He has taught various subjects on PRC and Hong Kong commercial laws. His research interests include corporate law, foreign investment law, financial market regulations and cross-border legal issues. His recent publications include Cross-Border Insolvency Challenges in Economic Integration of Mainland China and the Hong Kong SAR, 1 Renmin University Journal of Legal Studies (2015) 31-64; Institutional Challenges to China’s Innovative Capacity Building, 11 US-China Law Review (2014) 1337-1363;China: Exploring an Alternative of Commercial Code in the Course of Civil Codification, in Wen-Yeu Wang (ed.), Codification in East Asia – Selected Papers from the 2nd IACL Thematic Conference, Springer 2014, 105-120; Too Big to Fail with Chinese Characteristics, in Rebecca Parry (ed.), Too Big to Fail? Large National and International Failures under the Spotlight, INSOL Europe and Nottingham Law School, 2013, 133-148; Company Law Reform in China, in John Garrick (ed.), Law and Policy for China’s Market SocialismRoutledge, 2012, 39-54; and 數點雨聲風約住 — 香港回歸以來與內地民商事司法協助進展回顧與檢討 (A Critical Review of Progresses and Challenges of Cross-Border Judicial Assistance in Civil and Commercial Matters between Mainland China and the Hong Kong SAR since 1997), Law Review of People’s University School of Law, Issue 2 of 2011, 3-41.

Research Area

  • Chinese Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Investment Law
  • Comparative Law

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