Prof. Rebecca Lee

Associate Professor



Rebecca Lee is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law of The University of Hong Kong.  She researches in Equity & Trusts and Non-profit Law, and related aspects in Chinese law, including comparative trusts, third sector and adult guardianship laws.  She has published works in these areas in leading English, Australian and American law journals including the International & Comparative Law Quarterly, Law Quarterly Review, Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, Journal of Equity, Virginia Journal of International Law, and Pacific Rim Law & Policy Journal.

Rebecca has advised the Hong Kong Government on the reform of the Trustee Ordinance, and more recently, her joint research project on special needs trust has led to the successful introduction of a government-led and -managed trust scheme for individuals with cognitive impairment.  The research also won the Faculty and University Knowledge Exchange Awards.  Rebecca has also shared her views with the Korean Government and participated in the launch of special needs trust products by AVIC Trust Co Ltd in mainland China.

Rebecca was awarded the University Outstanding Young Researcher Award in 2009 and the Faculty Outstanding Teaching Award in 2016.  She has completed several research projects funded by the Research Grants Council.  Currently, she is working on research projects on selected issues in trusts law, charity governance, and special needs support.

Selected publications