Dr Yuechan Song

Post-Doctoral Fellow

LL.B. (Beijing Normal University)
MPhil in Criminal Jurisprudence (Beijing Normal University)
Ph.D. (the University of Hong Kong)


Dr. Yuechan SONG is a postdoctoral fellow of the Centre for Medical Ethics and Law (CMEL) at the University of Hong Kong (HKU). Her research interests lie in empirical study, healthcare law, and criminal law.
She also passed the PRC National Judicial Exam.
Her current research focuses on the regulatory compliance to the healthcare law in China.

Yuechan earned her doctoral degree from the University of Hong Kong. Prior to this, she obtained her LLB and MPhil in Criminal Jurisprudence from Beijing Normal University. With a strong research interest in pharmaceutical administration, the medical insurance system, and hospital management policies in China, she is dedicated to utilizing empirical research methods, particularly interviews, to explore the interaction between law and society. Her doctoral thesis focused on the regulatory compliance of retail pharmacies in China, uncovering the impact of institutional and cultural factors on corporate behavior. Currently, she is developing an interest in the law and ethics surrounding emerging health technologies.