Homecoming Family Fiesta

To celebrate the 45th anniversary of the founding of Faculty of Law at The University of Hong Kong, the Faculty and The University of Hong Kong Law Alumni Association jointly organized a Homecoming Family Fiesta on 8 March 2015 at the University’s Centennial Garden. Over 250 alumni members and their loved ones have joined in this joyous occasion. The afternoon was filled with laughter and animated chit-chatting among old friends. Highlights included: a performance by the Lee Hysan Hall Lion Dancing Team, an Amazing Run that took participants around the law building, candy floss, superpass fai-chun writing, quizzes, caricature and souvenirs.

Professor Hor addressed the opening of the fiesta

Thanks to Lee Hysan Hall Lion Dancing team for their wonderful performance!

Kids enjoyed colouring in cartoon images of judges and lawyers.

Law student helpers distributed souvenirs to those who managed to score a point in the games.

Parents and kids enjoyed the mini-game – Mix and Match very much.

Let’s capture the happy moment.

Yesterday once more! Superpass fai-chun writing is one of the HKU traditions.

All-you-can-eat pop-corns and candy floss.