May 02
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
Electronic Payment and its Theoretical Framework: A Post-Keynesian’s View

Japan and Korea Programme Seminar Series
Department of Law
The University of Hong Kong


Electronic Payment and its Theoretical Framework: A Post-Keynesian’s View

Professor Hisaei Ito
Chuo University Law School

Thursday, 2 May 2019
12:30 – 1:30 pm
Room 723, 7/F Cheng Yu Tung Tower
The University of Hong Kong

Electronic money, electronic funds transfer, and virtual or crypto currencies, for example, are now popular for people to use as a payment method for exchange of goods or services. We might have, implicitly or explicitly, thought of them as a kind of substitute for “money” or “currency”. Assuming a Post Keynesian’s view that currency means an issue of debt, it is used for a creditor to pay his own debt to a third party, and finally settled in the bank account, the speaker will reinterpret recent cases and amendment to the Payment Services Act in Japan. This will help provide a certain theoretical framework to understand modern payment methods and services.

Hisaei “Chuck” ITO is a Professor at the Chuo University Law School, whose expertise is in Commercial Law, Law of Negotiable Instruments, Banking Law, Corporate Law and Asian Business Law. Since 2014, he has been appointed as the Director of the Institute of Comparative Law in Japan at Chuo University. Since 2007, he has been a member of the Academic Advisory Board at the Asian Institute of International Financial Law, the University of Hong Kong. Due to his interest in comparative studies, he has held a variety of visiting positions at Tulane University School of Law (2018), Georgetown University Law Center (2014), Duke University School of Law (2011, 2003), the University of Hong Kong (2002), and the Australian National University (1997). In practice area, he has been a member of the Accreditation Committee for Law Schools at the Japan Federation of Bar Associations since 2011.

Chair: Professor Say Goo, Director, Japan and Korea Programme, The University of Hong Kong

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