May 23
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Hindrances and Prospects: 20 Years’ Depathologisation of Homo-bisexuality In China

Hindrances and Prospects: 20 Years’ Depathologisation of Homo-bisexuality In China

May 23rd 2021 (Sunday)
8:00-10:00pm (Hong Kong Time, GMT+8) | Live on ZOOM

Language: Putonghua
(Providing English Interpretation and Speech-to-text Translation)
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The updating diagnostic criteria for sexually oriented disorders in the 2001 China Classification and Diagnosis of Mental Disorders (CCMD-3) is regarded as the beginning of the depathologisation of homosexuality/bisexuality in Mainland China. However, there are still many homosexual, bisexual and transgender people who have not got rid of forced conversion therapy.
How can civil society organisations and legal professionals assist sexual minorities who have been subjected to conversion therapy?
What is the clinical psychiatry’s attitude towards LGBT conversion therapy?
How do psychiatrists localise Affirmative Counselling that highlighted acceptance?
To change sexual minorities’ situation of being stigmatised and corrected, how far do do we have to go?


Peng Yanhui: Plaintiff in China’s first LGBT conversion therapy case
He Tao: Manager of Transgender Program in Beijing LGBT Centre
Zhao Hu: Volunteer Lawyer of LGBT Rights Advocacy
He Ying: Psychiatrist, Xiangya Hospital
Jia Fujun: Director of Guangdong Provincial Mental Health Centre




彭燕輝: 中國首例同志扭轉治療案當事人,曾任香港大學法律學院訪問學者
核 桃 : 北京同志中心跨性別部主管,全國跨性別熱線發起人
趙 虎 : LGBT權利促進會志願律師,大義律師(男同志)網絡發起人
賀 瑩 : 湘雅醫院精神科醫師,推行「肯定性諮詢法」的本土實踐與研究
賈福軍: 廣東省精神衛生中心主任,中華預防醫學會精神衛生分會副主任委員

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