Aug 31
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
International Economic Administrative Law: Experience, Logic and Future


International Economic Administrative Law: Experience, Logic and Future



⽇期時間 : 2023年8⽉31(星期四)12:00 – 13:00

Date & Time: August 31, 2023 (Thursday) 12:00 – 13:00

地點: ⾹港⼤學鄭裕彤教學樓7樓723室 (網上同步直播)

Venue: Room 723, 7/F, Cheng Yu Tung Tower, The University of Hong Kong (Live via Zoom)


Language: Mandarin





經濟全球化時代背景下,公法與私法交融,國際法與國內法交融,國際經濟行政法這一調整跨國經濟行政關係的法律部門庶幾形成。 並已初步出現具有獨特研究對象的新興法學分支學科——國際經濟行政法學。鑒於國際經濟行政法可以概括為政府經濟規制法的國際協調,那麼國際經濟行政法學可以理解為研究政府經濟規制法國際協調的基本屬性、主要原則、制度體系及其發展規律的科學。中國國際經濟行政法研究有哪些經驗積累? 如何理解其邏輯建構,並瞻望未來研究重點,本講座將予以描述與闡釋。



With economic globalization, we have witnessed the merging of public and private law, along with the integration of international and domestic law. In this context, a legal department focused on regulating cross-border economic administrative relations is taking shaping. This has led to the emergence of a new branch of jurisprudence with distinct research subjects, known as International Economic Administrative Law (IEAL). Given that the new legal department can be described as the international coordination of government economic regulation law, IEAL may be viewed as the study of its fundamental attributes, primary principles, institutional frameworks, and developmental laws. In this lecture, Prof. Zhu Shudi from Fudan University will delve into China’s experiences in IEAL, examine its logical construction, and discuss potential future research focal points.



朱淑娣, 復旦大學行政法學教授、國際法學博士。 中國國際經濟法學會常務理事。 她主要致力於全球化與經濟行政法、國際經濟行政法研究。 代表作有《清代海關“政治關稅”特點、成因及教訓》、《城市化進程中農民公法權利的司法保障》、《國際經濟行政法》、《涉華國際貿易行政訴訟案例精析》、《全球化與金融消費者權益行政法保護》、《全球化與金融資訊披露行政規制研究》等。



Shudi Zhu is a Distinguished Professor of Administrative Law at Fudan University, where she earned her PhD in international law. She also serves as the Executive Director of the Chinese Society of International Economic Law. Her research primarily focuses on globalization and economic administrative law, as well as international economic administrative law. Her notable works include The Characteristics, Causes and Lessons of the Customs “Political Tariff” in the Qing Dynasty, Judicial Protection of Farmers’ Public Law Rights in the Process of Urbanization, International Economic Administrative Law, Analysis of China-related International Trade Administrative Litigation Cases, Globalization and the Protection of Financial Consumers’ Rights and Interests in Administrative Law, and Research on Globalization and Administrative Regulation of Financial Information Disclosure, among others.


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