Feb 27
12:30 am - 2:00 pm
Public Law Research Group Seminar by Dr. Alex Schwartz

Speaker : Dr. Alex Schwartz 

Title : AnAgent-Based Model of Judicial Strategy

Abstract : Comparativescholarship in constitutional law and political science suggests that the powerof courts depends, at least in part, on the strategic behavior of judges;judges can build and maintain power only if they are mindful of how otheractors are likely to react to their decisions. Arguably, compliance is the mostimmediate measure of judicial power. An assertive court is not much good toanyone if its decisions are routinely ignored or defied.  Using anoriginal agent-based model, this paper explores the performance of severalstylized judicial strategies in an environment where there are multiplecompliers/non-compliers and compliance/noncompliance is a function of, amongstother things, prior acts of compliance/noncompliance.     

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