Sep 27
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Regulating Generative AI Talk Series: Content Moderation 生成式人工智能監管講座系列: 内容監管

Content Moderation

日期時間 : 2023年9⽉27⽇(星期三)20:00 – 21:00
Date & Time: Sep 27, 2023(Wednesday)20:00 – 21:00
線上舉行 Live via Zoom
Language: Mandarin

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This talk will analyze the past and present of China’s Interim Measures for the Management of Generative Artificial Intelligence Services through the lens of international comparative law. Furthermore, it will explore the central aspects of supervision and the trajectory of regulatory oversight.

講者: 洪延青
北京理工大學法學院教授,全國信息安全技術標準化委員會委員。 畢業於荷蘭烏特勒支取得博士學位。 主要研究數據安全、個人信息保護、數據跨境流動、人工智能安全等問題。 擔任全國信息安全標準化技術委員會重點標準制定項目《個人信息安全規範》《個人信息安全影響評估指南》的編製組組長。
Yanqing Hong is Professor of Law at the Beijing Institute of Technology, Member of the National Information Security Technology Standardization Committee. He holds a Ph.D. in Law from Utrecht University in the Netherlands. Professor Hong’s research interests involve data security, personal information protection, cross-border data flow, and artificial intelligence security. He has played a pivotal role as the leader of the drafting team for the National Information Security Standardization Technical Committee’s key standard-setting projects, namely the “Personal Information Security Specification” and the “Security Impact Assessment Guide of Personal Information.”
與談人: 張鵬
對外經貿大學數字經濟與法律創新研究中心研究員、上海市人工智能與社會發展研究會研究員,中國信息安全測評中心註冊數據安全治理專業人員(CISP-DSG)、中國網路安全審查技術與認證中心註冊數據合規官(CCRC-DCO)。 現為國內某頭部互聯網企業科技法律政策資深專家。
Peng Zhang is researcher at the Digital Economy and Legal Innovation Research Center of the University of International Business and Economics, Researcher at the Shanghai Artificial Intelligence and Social Development Research Association. He is a Certified Information Security Professional – Data Security Governance (CISP-DSG) registered at the China Information Technology Security Evaluation Center, as well as a Data Compliance Officer certified by the China Cybersecurity Review Technology and Certification Center (CCRC-DCO). Currently, Zhang holds a position as a senior expert in technology legal policy at a leading Internet company in China.
會議主持人: 張湖月, 香港大學法律學院黃乾亨中國法研究中心主任
Chair & Moderator: Angela Zhang, Director of the Philip K. H. Wong Centre for Chinese Law

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