Oct 27
5:40 pm - 7:40 pm
The Political System of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region 香港特別行政區的政治體制

The Political System of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
期時間 : 20231027 (星期五)17:40 – 19:40
Date & Time: October 27, 2023 (Friday) 17:40 – 19:40
地點: 學鄭裕彤樓11樓學術會議室
Venue: Academic Conference Room, 11/F, Cheng Yu Tung Tower, The University of Hong Kong
Language: Putonghua 
Format: *Hybrid-mode – Online participation is available* 
此講座正在向港律師會申請 CPD 2 
We are in the process of applying 2 CPD points from The Law Society of Hong Kong.

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本次講座主要探討基於香港特別行政區基本法第四章規定的香港特別行政區管治機構及其相互關係而形成香港特別行政區的政治體制,即“一國兩制”下以行政長官為核心的行政主導,包含著立法與行政相互制衡、相互配合以及司法獨立等特徵。 本講座將重點討論基於行政長官的「雙首長」地位帶來的管治中的困難與問題,以及完善有關行政長官負責制的機制對策,以充分發揮行政長官的應有功能。
In this talk, we will explore the political system of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), which has been established based on Chapter 4 of the Hong Kong Basic Law. Chapter 4 outlines the governing institutions of the HKSAR and their interrelationships. The HKSAR’s political system is defined by administrative leadership under the “one country, two systems” principle, with the Chief Executive at its core. It also includes features such as checks and balances between legislative and administrative branches, their mutual cooperation, and judicial independence. The lecture will primarily focus on the challenges and issues in governance arising from the “dual-heads” status of the Chief Executive. Additionally, we will discuss institutional measures aimed at enhancing the Chief Executive’s accountability system, ultimately enabling the Chief Executive to effectively fulfill their intended functions.
夏正林,男,華南理工大學法學院教授、博士生導師。 第三屆廣東省十大中青年法學家(2020年)、華南理工大學教學名師(2021年)。 曾分別就讀於武漢大學(政治學學士學位)、南京大學(法學碩士學位)、中國人民大學(法學博士學位),師從韓大元、張千帆、童之偉等先生學習憲法學,在香港城市大學(2014)、香港大學(2018年)訪學。 兼任中國法學會憲法學研究會常務理事,廣東省法學會憲法學研究會副會長兼秘書長,廣東省人大常委會立法顧問,廣州市人大常委會立法顧問,廣州市委重大決策風險評估專家,在《法學研究》《中國法學》等權威和法學核心期刊發表文章數十篇,主持過國家社科基金、教育部專案多項專案,發表報刊文章100餘篇。
Zhenglin Xia is a Professor of Law at South China University of Technology. In 2020, he was recognized as one of the Top Ten Young Jurists in Guangdong Province. He earned his bachelor’s degree in political science from Wuhan University, an LL.M. from Nanjing University, and a Ph.D. in Laws from Renmin University of China. Professor Xia currently holds several prestigious positions, including Executive Director of the Constitutional Studies Research Society of the China Law Society, Vice President and Secretary-General of the Constitutional Studies Research Society of the Guangdong Law Society, Legislative Advisor to the Standing Committee of both the Guangdong Provincial and Municipal People’s Congress, and Risk Assessment Expert for Major Decisions of the Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee. He has published numerous articles in authoritative legal journals such as the “Chinese Journal of Law” and “China Legal Science.” Additionally, he has presided over several projects funded by the National Social Science Fund and the Ministry of Education, contributing more than 100 newspaper and periodical articles to the field.

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