Oct 28
- 1:15 pm
CCPL - EXPORTING VIRTUE?: China’s International Human Rights Activism in the age of Xi Jinping

Exporting Virtue?: China’s International Human Rights Activism in the Age of Xi Jinping (UBC PRESS, 2021)

with the author – Pitman B. Potter

28 OCT 2021 (THU) 12:00-13:15 (HK TIME)


Exporting Virtue? examines human rights as an example of China’s international assertiveness and considers the implications of internationalizing PRC human rights policy and practice. Pitman B. Potter suggests that in the absence of clear and enforceable global human rights standards, China has been free to pursue its policy initiatives. Couched in terms of virtue but manifested as authoritarianism, China’s international human rights activism invites scholars and policy makers around the world to engage critically with the issue. Drawing on both Chinese and English-language sources, Exporting Virtue? investigates the challenges that China’s human rights orthodoxy poses to international norms and institutions, offering normative and institutional analysis and providing suggestions for policy response.


Pitman B. Potter is a Professor of Law Emeritus at the Peter A. Allard School of Law of the University of British Columbia.

Professor Hualing Fu (Dean, Faculty of Law, HKU)
Warren Chan Professor in Human Rights and Responsibilities

This webinar is organized by the Centre for Comparative and Public Law, HKU and will be held via Zoom Meeting. Prior registration is required. For inquiries, please email Winnie Law at

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