6th Cross-straits Enterprise M&A Mooting Competition

The 6th Cross-straits Enterprise M&A Mooting Competition was held at National Taipei University in Taiwan from March 22-28, 2016. This competition pits a total of twelve top law schools from Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore in corporate merger negotiations based entirely on real-life companies.

As the sole representative from Hong Kong, HKU sent a team of 6 students, Chan Tsz Hei (BBA/LLB); Ha Cho Kwan Cindy (LLB); Lau Ngai Victor (PCLL); Lin Ka Yan Bernice (BSS/LLB); Tai Timothy L (BBA/LLB); and Tong Jingjing (PCLL), which broadly represents the fascinatingly diverse programme and background of our student population.

The HKU team performed well in the competition, obtaining the Best Deal prize (最佳併購方案獎) for its merger proposal with Tsinghua University (HKU represented 中芯國際  “SMIC” while Tsinghua represented 聯華電子”UMC”). Tong Jingjing won the best individual performance among the HKU team, and Cha Tsz Hei was elected best team member.

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