HK Law Schools join hands in Conference on the Magna Carta and the Rule of Law in HK

Magna Carta 3 deans

On 31 October 2015 the three Hong Kong law schools presented a joint conference to commemorate the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta. The conference explored both the historical legacies of the Magna Carta in the common law tradition as well as its continued relevance in rule of law debates in Hong Kong. Participants explored this topic from both historical, conceptual, and practical points of view. Key-note speeches were delivered by Mr Philip Dykes (Senior Counsel); Professor David Seipp (Boston University); Professor Christopher F Forsyth (University of Cambridge); Professor Catharine MacMillan (University of Reading); and the Justice Kemal Bokhary, Non Permanent  Judge of the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal who gave a very thoughtful closing address.  

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