Alexa Lam Cheung joins the Faculty as Professor of Legal Practice


We welcome newly appointed Professor of Practice Alexa Lam Cheung (LLB 1976, PCLL 1977) who joined the Faculty in May 2015. Professor Lam taught in the Faculty briefly before leaving for private practice, and then the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) where she was Deputy Chief Executive Officer before re-joining the Faculty. Professor Lam was the first alumna to join the Faculty and now, years later, the first alumna to become our Professor of Legal Practice. She has exciting projects in mind, some of which concern the regulation of offshore renminbi and renminbi products trading spanning ASEAN jurisdictions to Central Asia. Professor Lam’s expertise and extensive experience will contribute immensely to the development of the Faculty into a regional training and knowledge centre in this crucially important area. 


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