Encouraging news from the Clinical Legal Education Programme – Refugee Stream


Congratulations to Denise Souza (LLB 2011, PCLL 2012) and Vivian Cheung (LLB 2010, PCLL 2011) on their successful representation of three protection claimants before Hong Kong’s Unified Screening Mechanism (USM).  Only five people were granted protection in the USM’s first year of operation, and Denise represented three of those five people, with assistance from Vivian. 


Denise Souza participated in the Refugee Stream under Lindsay Ernst’s supervision in the Fall term of the 2010-11 academic year and Vivian Cheung participated in the Clinical Legal Education Programme – Refugee Stream under Lindsay Ernst’s supervision in the Spring term of the 2009-10 academic year. 


Denise is currently a practising barrister in Hong Kong who joined the duty lawyers panel to represent protection claimants before the Unified Screening Mechanism.  Vivian is currently a Legal Officer with the Justice Centre Hong Kong, where she supervises HKU law students enrolled in the Clinical Legal Education Programme – Refugee Stream.


Denise and Vivian have also expressed an interest in contributing their expertise to the refugee stream clinic and sharing their experiences with the participants, in order to assist HKU in providing the some useful training that the Clinic Legal Education Programme – Refugee Stream provided for them.




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