HKU welcomes Freshman Students of LLB and Double Law Degree Programmes



First year students reading our LLB and double law degree programmes were greeted with a thought-provoking talk by Mr Paul Shieh, SC at the Faculty Orientation organized by the Faculty of Law of The University of Hong Kong on 31 August 2015.   

Instead of talking about the “Dos and Don’ts in a Law School”, Mr Shieh, SC demonstrated in a vivid manner how one could see and read things with a legal mind.  He referred to recent controversial issues in the University, as well as some court cases to show how “one misguided viewpoint could mushroom out of proportion”.  People have been taking polarized sides, sometimes without sufficient regard to the facts or law.  He encouraged students to develop an independent and critical mind.  At the same time, he saw that Hong Kong remained a place where the unrestricted and free flow of information was allowed.  He advised students to make good use of this advantage.  He also urged students to stay angry, by keeping a fiery spirit and a passion for fairness and justice.

Professor Johannes Chan, who gave a concluding remark, joined Mr Shieh, SC.  He encouraged our new law students to stay curious, to engage in controversial issues with an open and objective mind, and not to be afraid of challenging conventional wisdom.   He emphasized that Law would mean nothing if it does not pursue the goals of justice, fairness, equality and liberty, and that Law without values is nothing but naked power. Finally, citing jury trials as an example, he pointed out that what the law prescribes and what is right and wrong are not always the same. The gap is to be filled by common sense and humanity.

If you would like to hear these inspiring talks, please go to  ‘Life in the Law’ Departmental Orientation – speech by Mr Paul Shieh, SC and the Closing Remarks by Professor Johannes Chan, SC.

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